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Passive Suicidal Ideation: A Discussion About Money + Mental Health

This blog post is part of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month blog tour in partnership with Debt Drop. If you are feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741.

Did you know (according to Money and Mental Health Policy Institute), if you’ve had a “major financial crisis” within the past six months, you are nearly eight times more likely to experience suicidal thoughts?

Imagine a freelancer who doesn’t know when their next gig will come in.  They struggle with the feast or famine cycle many freelancers experience.

Imagine a startup founder (Someone who has literally given their blood, sweat, tears, and every last dollar in the hopes of getting noticed by an investor). They experience financial crisis more often than not until they “make it”.

But some things you can’t “fake” like passive suicidal ideation.

Passive suicidal ideation is the desire to die. It’s not accompanied by a plan to end your life, but the thoughts are real and intense.

I’m not a finance blogger like everyone else on this tour, but as a business owner, I know all too well the frustrations of not having enough money and wondering if I should call it quits. I’ve experienced the joy of paying off one student loan, while feeling the sorrow of not being able to afford my mortgage payments. I know from personal experience that my former company, A & D Media, was formed with less than $200 and dream. Which was pretty much the last bit of money in my and my business partner’s pockets. I took a risk like many of us who are entrepreneurial do. In some ways, I’ve failed. In others, I’ve succeeded. It really is a ride, this business life.

While I’ve never attempted suicide, many nights I was plagued with depressing thoughts. I used to wish and dream about never existing. I felt like the world wanted me gone, that the world hated me. I wished I didn’t have to exist in a world where I felt I was born to be hated.

This was passive suicidal ideation. But I didn’t know that at the time.

Eventually, with the help of therapy and finding my “why” (purpose), I overcame these thoughts.

My life changed when I discovered that I was surrounded by purpose. And I learned to set goals to help me with my purpose under all 6 slices of life for the year: personal, social, physical, spiritual, professional, and financial.

A culmination of my goals and purpose led me to write my book, Success to die for: Breaking down assumptions about anxiety, depression, & suicide and their impact on business women, which advocates for mental wellness in business so as to prevent further entrepreneur suicides.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned (and share in my book) that whatever load you’re carrying around in your life comes right along with you into your business venture. And that includes mental health issues. So while we can appear to “have it all together” financially, we can also be depressed, experience chronic disease, have anxiety, addictive behaviors, etc.

I’m lending my voice for the business owners who haven’t “arrived” yet. Who are still climbing the ladder of financial success. All while maintaining their mental health. Heck, I’m lending my voice for those who have seen financial success, and still feel empty and unfulfilled inside.


Join the Love Yourself Love Your Business mental wellness movement tribe and surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs breaking mental health stigmas.

NAMI Suicide Prevention Month Advocacy

International Association for Suicide Prevention

Until Next Time…Peace, Love, and Wellness!

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Suicide Prevention for Entrepreneurs with Mental Health Concerns

candle for suicide prevention

Failure, Love & Persistence

Entrepreneurs run the gambit of emotions on a daily basis.

Are we good enough, smart enough, or talented enough?

We question whether pursuing our passions is a waste of time.

But what we don’t often acknowledge is how much these thoughts are compounded by mental health concerns.

This is the reason why I wrote my new book, “Success to Die For: Breaking Down Assumptions about Anxiety, Depression, & Suicide and Their Impact on Business Women” a book about mental illness and entrepreneurship.

A battle raged in my mind, and the minds of colleagues. So many entrepreneurs and business leaders struggle with suicidal thoughts. And attempt to take their own life. Sadly and tragically, some do.

We get upset, maybe we buzz about it on social media for a day or two and then we move on. I wanted to do more. No, I needed to do more. But, I didn’t know what to do or how to help. So I did the only thing left I could do: reach out to professionals and research mental health concerns amongst women in business.

My book is a compilation of stories from colleagues, who struggle to create the change they want to see, yet don’t feel they deserve success or happiness. They struggle with depression, anxiety, and stress every single day. They’re stymied by fears of failure, self-doubt, and self-sabotage.

But think it’s just part of the entrepreneurial experience.

What I want you to know is you are not alone.

Through my book, I share insights and resources for understanding the intimate relationship between mental health concerns and entrepreneurship.

My hope is that you will pick up where I leave off. Join this mental wellness movement and share your story, so that mental health concerns are recognized, destigmatized, and adequately addressed in the workplace and in life.

I believe that by acknowledging the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with love persistence prevails. Because even if we fall down, we don’t have to stay there. With love, acceptance, and guidance we can rise above any obstacle.

The two most liberating feelings in the world are realizing failure is an opportunity to grow and realizing you’re worthy (even if you think your life is a mess).

I feel called to spread this message about love. And I’m very grateful to all of you who have been listening, reading, encouraging, supportive, and loving along my book-writing journey.

Join my Facebook community here and share your story of struggle that led to triumph.

If you or a loved one need support right now, you can reach National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling: 1-800-273-8255. 



Until Next Time…Peace!

Oh! By the way, if you want to learn more about the blogger of this post feel free to check out my about page.

Be The Change Series Interviews- Featuring: Kelly Master

The 2017 Be The Change Interview Series

Week 4 – Featuring: Kelly Master, Nonprofit Founder and Speaker

Here’s the direct link to the recording on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9Hf1DGxs7Ik

Kelly Master is Founder and Director of “For Dignity” a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen our communities against sexual exploitation and empower victims and survivors with hope and dignity.

She is a dynamic, tenacious Leader who is fiercely committed to advocating for the sexually exploited and to educate others.

She wrote her first published book SHINE, Uplifting Words for Girls in Stilettos as a sacrifice of love, and gave thousands of copies away for free to women working in strip clubs, adult book stores, or prostituting on the streets. She also sent copies to women in prisons across the country which ignited speaking invitations from Chaplains and Wardens in many places.

The City of Camden, NJ, S.Jersey Psychological Association, and A Woman’s Business have separately honored and commemorated her passion and dedication to help victims and survivors.

She is passionate, sought out the speaker who has a beautiful gift of translating life’s trials into opportunities. Kelly is a champion of hope and ignites crowds everywhere she speaks.

To book Kelly for your conference or speaking event, please email info@fordignity1.org.

How You Can Help

Donate to For Dignity at: https://www.fordignity1.org/donate/

Receive updates to get more involved: email your contact information to info@fordignity1.org

Resources mentioned

Polaris Project

National Human Trafficking Hotline 1 (888) 373-7888

Kelly talked about her presentations during our interview. Check her out in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1B48hlobKdQ


Until Next Time…Peace!

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Be The Change Series Interviews- Featuring: Emily Wu Truong

The 2017 Be The Change Interview Series

Week 3 – Featuring: Emily Wu Truong, Motivational Speaker and Mental Health Advocate

Here’s the direct link to the recording on YouTube: https://youtu.be/-yfTJoGvX8M


Emily Wu Truong is an award-winning motivational speaker in Los Angeles, who works tirelessly to address the misconceptions of individuals who struggle with mental illness. As a suicide-attempt survivor diagnosed with depression and anxiety, she transformed her adversities into wisdom, inspiring others to face their fears and find value in their own life struggles. As a mental advocate, she uses her voice to advocate for children in communities of color whose voices are often under-represented. She also collaborates with other organizations to create safe spaces to encourage informative discussions on equipping community advocates with the resources they need to improve the quality of life in their communities. In recognition of Emily’s efforts, Senator Ed Hernandez honored Emily with the 2015 Woman of Achievement Award, and the following year, Congresswoman Grace Napolitano invited her to be a guest speaker before an audience of leaders in school administration and mental health care. Most recently, Emily spearheaded the establishment of May 10th being recognized as “Asian Pacific American Mental Health Day” in Los Angeles County. In honor of this day, Supervisors Hilda Solis & Janice Hahn recognized Emily for her grassroots efforts in highlighting the struggles & resilience of the Asian Pacific American communities. Emily has become a role model for many, delivering her message that with help, there IS hope, and that helplessness is NOT hopelessness.

Connect with her on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MLEWu

How You Can Help

Support Each Mind Matters http://bit.ly/1JCYkC2

Contact Emily regarding a speaking engagement at emily.wu.truong@gmail.com.

Resources mentioned

NAMI https://www.nami.org/


Until Next Time…Peace!

Oh! By the way, if you want to learn more about the blogger of this post feel free to check out my about page.

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Be The Change Series Interviews- Featuring: Vernetta R. Freeney

The 2017 Be The Change Interview Series

Week 2 – Featuring: Vernetta R. Freeney, Podcaster, Instructor, and Organizer

Here’s the direct link to the recording on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cotZK6rjZbM


Vernetta R. Freeney is the Creator/Producer of the podcast, ‘A Toast To Truths.’ She teaches stressed individuals how to claim their peace using journaling as a tool. She was one of the Top 100 Young Professionals in Houston 2015 and featured on cnbc.com and EOFire podcast.

When she’s not teaching you how to prevent stress, she’s reading a really good book, binge watching Netflix or cheering on her beloved Dallas Mavericks. Vernetta is a regular guest on blogs, podcasts and other media. She speaks at conferences, workshops, trainings and more across the country with her je ne sais quoi introverted speaking style.

If all this isn’t enough, Vernetta is an ESL Instructor for 10 years and founding Organizer of the Houston African American Bloggers Association.

How You Can Help

Support the Houston African-American Bloggers Association by working with the association’s influencers to leverage your brand message. http://houstonafricanamericanbloggers.com/

Resources mentioned

The Truth Confidant™ Journal 


Until Next Time…Peace!

Oh! By the way, if you want to learn more about the blogger of this post feel free to check out my about page.

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