Something From “Nothing” Reflections on Herstory


Why do we love the story of the underdog? You know, that one really determined person who against all odds surpasses expectations and comes out a winner. What is it about that person that makes us want, so much so, to see them finally “make it.” That is up until they actually do, and continue to do so over and over again no longer an underdog but a full-fledged champion (same background, same story). And what is it about that very same person who had the nerve, guts, and glory to rise from the ashes and step into the spotlight of “oohs and ahhs” in turn recieve “have you forgotten where you came froms” and “who the heck do you think you ares”?

People are funny that way sometimes.

Let’s say you’re an artist and life is your canvas, you create and shape things, and color outside the proverbial lines from time to time. There will be some who love what you do, love what it represents to their existence, love that you are creating things, and maybe even love you. Then there will be others who fear those same things; it makes them uncomfortable when you don’t fit in with their comfortable. And fear makes people do things, things that make those on the receiving end of that fear have knee jerk reactions  and then the lyrics to “All Along the Watchtower” make perfect sense and March becomes Women’s History Month.

Life is interesting that way sometimes.

It was not too long ago that we as women had to rise out of the ashes while listening to the “who the heck do you think you ares” just to get the chance to vote. We’re still in the ring. Fighting everyday, sometimes as a collective, most times individually (and depending on the results that too becomes for the collective) having the nerve, guts, and glory to show up to our own lives, making champions over circumstances, and pointed fingers telling us that we forgot where we came from and to stay in our place. Leaning in or demanding that we be accepted and respected if we choose to lean out or lean back, or lean to the side…

And when I think on all of this and how it applies to ordinary life and the way I’m choosing to live it. I think, screw it! Why ask for permission? May as well be myself, may as well create my own luck, may as well let the naysayers keep on yapping. I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Herstory and the many herstories before has taught me that that’s when real change begins.


Until next time…Peace!


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Not Alone

stonesThere are so many things I don’t want that I can’t remember what I want.

I couldn’t help but to chuckle at those words. In one line, that pretty summed up the raw emotions I’ve been feeling these past two weeks. More than just a case of the blehs I was in a serious haze not sure how I got there, and not entirely certain how to get out of it.

Didn’t I just activate Moon, my inner superheroine? Was this a form of self-sabotage once again? I excited myself so much about the possibilities of really feeling free to be me only to second guess everything I just laid on the table.

And so, I did what any self-respecting bookworm does for escape…I read.  It was the only thing I had enough motivation to do. I started reading my newest collection of short stories by Audrey and found immediate relief in the line above.  I wanted to read more, get lost somewhere in beautifully written prose so I could find my happy place and get out of my funk. And I swear, it doesn’t seem like anyone else goes through these funks but me. Right? Right!

I mean I know my why, I didn’t have any naysayers all up in my grill trying to throw me in a whirlwind. Seriously, there wasn’t enough positive psychology in the world to get me back in my game as soon as I wanted to be. And once I realized that that no matter how much I pushed or pulled, whatever it was I was going through, I needed to go through it.

It was time to be silent and listen.

In that silence, certain slices of life that I admittedly wasn’t putting as much tlc in to came front and center. By burying myself in work, I slowly started to creep into completely neglecting…me. Journal?  Prayer? Exercise? huh? what? Enter a rebellion of sorts from my heart. Just that fast it’s so easy to get caught up in the fast pace of everything around you, trying to keep up with the changes, trying to stay ahead of the game… Work/Life Balance feels difficult to achieve. The whole idea of a perfectly balanced scale doesn’t seem realistic at all to me and so I strive for Work/Life Integration. But the process to get to even that sacred place (if it does truly exist) is work in and of itself(and I don’t mean work with a negative connotation).

I’m not exactly sure what point I was trying to make when I started this post (Just keeping it real with you all) but a few things ran across my mind.

1) If you’re feeling like you have a laundry list of “don’t wants” and it’s sucking you dry then it’s time to start a daily practice of gratitude. Writing something, anything about the good and simple things that made your day…worth it, gets you in a better head space period.

2) Don’t settle for good enough. (Take that however you wish).

3) You are not alone. You’re not the only one who gets overwhelmed, and suddenly becomes frozen in the midst of change, you’re not the only one who becomes afraid of tomorrow hoping you can live up to its expectations, you’re not the only one who second guesses themselves, you’re not the only one who fails, you’re not the only one who wonders if you’re the only one who feels the way you feel…and again from my heart to yours, You are not alone.


Until next time…

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30 days of Giving Thanks-Part III

I can’t believe we are winding down on these 30 days of giving thanks. I did notice a few Facebook friends keeping up with me and doing their own month of thankfulness on their own blogs and timelines which is awesome! I see you guys 🙂

So this week I finally got to read some of the ezines I’m subscribed to and headed on over to the blog of a NPO  (nonprofit organization)  that will always have a special place in my heart, The Starting Point. When I was working in the field of addictions we would have continuing education workshops and the founder, Vince, was a guest speaker I could not forget. I came to see this NPO as a resource for various reasons in time and still stop by every now and then for their free lecture series. But, when I can’t make it out, I love to read their thoughts of the month, and wanted to share a piece with you all. This month their theme was Gratitude and Service

They share that, “Gratitude is the process by which we slowly discover our gifts and continue each day to celebrate the wonder of life. If we truly live the spirit of gratitude and continue growing, we are then ready for the spirit of service.” The talked about 3 types of gifts to be thankful for and I was especially mindful of the 3rd one throughout this week which said to, “be open to the journey and the gift of humility. Each experience in life is a teachable moment. Are we open to the lessons? Remember nothing happens by accident. We are all part of the universe’s plan. Let’s pray that we will always have an open mind and know that we are all in the process of life’s adventure.”

Power stuff to remember this holiday season!  I too hope and pray that we indeed will have an open mind as well as a giving spirit.

As far as pics go…I’ll sum this week with a lesson I was constantly reminded of by people who believe in me to whom I’m thankful for…

motivation sayings3


Until Next Time…

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30 days of Giving Thanks-Part II

You know, this past week has been an adventure and as I reflect on everything that took place over the week I couldn’t help but to go back down memory lane and feel truly blessed and thankful for all the relationships I’ve developed ever since I’ve started this entrepreneurial journey. These relationships have encouraged and empowered this introverted networker to come out of her shell. I think people even wondered if I was really an introvert, Ha!  Although I don’t run out of events wondering why the paramedics aren’t already waiting for me from my fit of anxiety attacks… I still have to give myself a pep talk before I head out, disappear into my own little corner for some space and “me” time, and the real driver, remember my why when it comes to offline networking.

Remembering your “Why” can come naturally in time of reflection but when your knee deep in situations I think it’s good to have triggers. For me, it usually comes in some form of the Arts and in this case it was music.

There was a song playing in my head on repeat as I headed to and from the awesome Get Out There Live conference with the amazing Christine Gallagher. I was humbled to have met some amazing women and men business leaders and get my hands on some great time-tested marketing strategies. As I thought about how far I’ve come while trying to not feel overwhelmed by where I knew I had to head, the song Alabaster Box by Cece Winans played, and the word Purpose entered my heart and pulsated throughout my body.

When I think about my life and the mercy and favor given to me, despite myself…I am so very, very thankful.

Thankfulness Tip of the week: Find A Song that reminds you of the grace over your life. Put that song in your pocket and save it for a rainy day 😉

Alrighty!  Here’s a picture snapshot of what I’ve been thankful for this past week, (I aplogize didn’t take as many pics as I wanted).

Get Out There Live event

Get Out There Live event


Business lessons

Business lessons



I love food

I love food

Until Next Time…

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30 days of Giving Thanks-Part I

So, as I wrote last week; I’ll be centering this month around a series of blog posts focused on giving thanks and expressing gratitude.

As I began to do a little research on thankfulness and gratitude I figured I might as well share some of what I learn.

Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Express Gratitude:

  1. Invite a old friend or co-worker who helped you out in the past for a cup of coffee or to a networking event.
  2. If you know your friend is having a tough time stop by and be an engaged listener. Sometimes people just need to vent.
  3. Cook (or purchase) a meal so a loved one doesn’t have to after a long day at work.
  4. Pick up some groceries for an elderly relative or take them shopping when you head out for your own household.
  5. Return a favor. If your neighbor always rakes your leaves, beat him/her to it next time.

Alrighty then hope you found that helpful! So here’s a picture snapshot of what I’ve been thankful for these past 10 days


dinner with my hun


being close to the city is nice

lunch meeting with fellow entrepreneur

lunch meeting with fellow entrepreneur

Keeping records of life to pass on the knowledge

Keeping records of life to pass on the knowledge


Invited to a business launch party

Spending time with loved ones

Spending time with loved ones


My Godson always cheers me up

My Godson always cheers me up

My Elder checking to make sure I'm well

My Elder checking to make sure I’m well

It’s Not too late feel free to join me in this month of giving thanks!

Until next time…

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*All Images in this blog post are property of Lynette Davis