How Mental Health, Religion, and Spirituality Are Interconnected (My Story)

If you didn’t already know, May is Mental Health Awareness month in the U.S.A. Depending on the organization, you’ll find different themes. #CureStigma for NAMI, #4Mind4Body for Mental Health America etc.  So far, this year has led me to looking for lost keys, and finding them once I’ve stopped looking.  I’ve found myself religiously pursuing the wisdom of spiritual texts and practices. I have been implementing old practices on a new level, and leaning new ways to look at the wisdom and teachings of my elders that I had previously either ignored, or wasn’t yet at a level of awareness where I could understand their guidance, even on a basic level. Feelings and experiences I didn’t have words for, now have new meaning. And as I learn and struggle with growing through changes I have moments of anxiousness and of deep sadness, while also experiencing deep gratitude and joy. Honestly, it’s been a ride.

So, it made the most sense for me to introduce the theme of spirituality as it related to mental health (or perhaps mental health and how it is connected to spiritual being-ness).

I’ve invited some special guests to talk about the relationship between Mental Health, Religion, and Spirituality. I write it as three items, but I believe both mental health and religion are the human touch we bring to spirituality. I can’t wait to share the interviews with you this month!

But before I present their insights and perspectives, I wanted to share with you some of my own even as I’m still learning them…it’s a journey after all.

The first time I started doing inner-child work, I began to uncover what I believe to be the start of my anxiety and depression. Even though we didn’t have much in our single parent home, we seemed to have just enough and I remember having a happy childhood. I spent most of my time with my grandmom and her friends, I loved sitting around them and being all up in grown-folks business. Growing up, I was the only girl my age on my street, so all of my closest and dearest friends were boys. I was for all intents an purposes not a “girly girl” and was frequently called a “tomboy”. That didn’t bother me, and I didn’t take it as an insult. I was shy and quiet upon initial meeting but once I warmed up I was an active, wide eyed, “chatty Kathy” around people I considered friends and family. Knowing what an introvert was and claiming that as a label simply wasn’t a thing. I was an old soul with a close knit neighborhood, and happy go lucky.

But then something changed. 

My mom would meet a man who would become her husband, uproot us from my grandmother’s house, the house and neighborhood of my happiest memories with my childhood friends and neighbors who watched out for each other and took turns keeping an eye on us kids. She also unintentionally separated me from the base of my identity, and the foundation of my wisdom and knowledge when I moved away from the one person who understood me the most, my grandmom. I didn’t feel right about the man she would marry but I didn’t understand why, my instincts simply told me he was not a nice man and that my mom was not the mom I loved when she was with him.

It was then that I began to let go of the girl who happily played freeze tag and hide and go seek with the guys, and replaced myself with a false self to survive the dysfunction of my home and the environment around me. Depression for me formed out of suppressed anger, fear, disappointment, hatred, and powerlessness turned inward with no outlet.

I eventually made friends with a few girls, one in particular came from a very religious family and while I knew prayer, I learned a new level of prayer from her family. She introduced me to ballet and I found my outlet in dance and peace in talking to this old invisible guy that watched over me from the sky. By the time I was 10,  I would have vivid dreams I could recall and write stories about, including dreams about the end of the world. I began writing stories about my dreams and had an invisible friend to share them with.

Eventually, my mom would divorce the mean man and start taking us to church consistently. I again would meet a man who gave me creepy feelings only this time he would be the pastor. At this point I was being taught not to trust myself and my instincts because I was just a kid…what did I know? That pastor, who was a married man, ended up in scandal being found out to have been sleeping with multiple women in the church. The second husband of my mother, a minister of the Christian church, walked out one morning, happily smiling and laughing only for us to come home from school and see half of the house empty and having to call our mom at work to report a robbery that didn’t happen because the step father was gone too. So as I prayed to the invisible old man, I was also being constantly lied to, and abandoned by men of power and influence. And the women around me were always taking it, fighting each other for scraps, and suffering in silence convincing themselves that their husbands and husbands (the not really married kind) were heaven sent.

I sponged it all. 

I eventually forgot about the peace I felt in that solitude with my invisible friend/old man of the sky, and I stopped dancing from the joy pouring out of my spirit. I thought about death a lot, and non-existence, I often wondered why did a mistake like me have to be so much a burden. I built my life trying to be useful, perfect, not needing much from others so as not to get on people’s bad side, and I wondered why I still couldn’t fix things. Why I wasn’t alright. I wondered if I was to blame for everything that went wrong. I went to Catholic school and learned that if I killed myself I would go to Hell; a fiery red flaming furnace of everlasting pain and agony, and I didn’t need any more of that. Great, now I had to stay in a world that I hated and that hated me.

By the time I got to high school I still struggled with depression, but it became a part of my life by then. I continued to have panic attacks when presented with any type of confrontation and I was a geek, without the honor roll to go with it. Youtube shows like Awkward Black Girl didn’t exist back then to help me feel like I belonged…somewhere…anywhere! My only saving grace (survival mode mask) was that I could dance and sing. I wrote short stories that classmates took a liking to, and I wrote poetry for friends to give to their crushes. Luckily, perhaps by Divine intervention, my guidance counselor took an interest in me and even though her goal was to get me to college, she became my confidant who I talked to about my depression.

I also had the mentorship of a male deacon (who sadly passed away due to lung cancer) and new church and pastor, both of whom I adored and saw as father figures. Both of whom never truly addressed mental health issues when we spoke, and likely did not recognize my mental health symptoms in how I spoke and questioned everything. Not only me, but other people in the church would be written off as “that crazy uncle” and such. Later, I would be able to recognize that people living with conditions such a schizoaffective disorders and bipolar disorders were just called crazy relatives. The rest of the members, mostly women would simply shoot my natural curiosity about the world and religion down. They were women of faith and no question, and I believe they were good intentioned and well meaning, but their rejection left scars. When I questioned things, when I spoke about my thoughts about death, when I mentioned my dreams I was written off as being disobedient, told I needed to pray more, and constantly reminded about “the enemy” aka the devil that was clearly attacking me. Of course “love” wasn’t just chastisement, but I’m sharing this aspect of how I perceived things at that time.

My depression grew deeper and deeper and I kept feeling worse and worse about myself believing that something was inherently wrong with me because even though I prayed, and did what people told me to do, nothing changed and I wondered if I was always being punished for everything that shaped who I had become. Church and religion gave me friends, and community, which helped ease the pain of my depression, but at the same time, I had no real relationship with this Jesus guy and the invisible old man of the sky he called Father. And quite frankly, I couldn’t relate to what was presented to me of either depiction.

Even though my dreams were so revealing that if I had known about psychoanalysis I would have learned so much about myself and my history, I stopped listening to my dreams, I stopped listening to the small voice inside my head that spoke from my gut. I found that could not hear from the G-d that my dreams introduced me to amongst the noise of dominating men leaders and liars and the women who made excuses for them. I couldn’t feel this Divine Presence that gave me Breath when I couldn’t see my way through my disappointment for the few good men who didn’t know how to adequately address mental illness and the women who though they probably meant well, encouraged me to just pray about it. I could not find myself, when everything about the me that kept bubbling up despite my trying to suppress myself simply did not fit nice and neat into the orthodoxy of “normal”. Even though the last Christian church I went to was a pretty good experience (heck, they even had a husband and wife team as co-pastors), the damage was done and I was tired of pretending to be a  title or affiliation just to fit in, to survive, to avoid conflict and confrontation. I began letting go of religion and eventually left the church.

My story about my relationship with contemporary Christian religion is not unique. Heck, even my fall out with religious communities and the belief systems they present as truth is not unique. People have often wondered why G-d has forsaken them in times of atrocities such as genocides, marital abuse, rape and so on. The very communities that give us peace in times of storm, also give us the most aggravation, frustration, and leave us with a deep spiritual hunger. Nevertheless, my story hasn’t ended with bitterness and anger though.

I eventually found my way into mental health recovery, and after some serious hard work I released, (and make it an ongoing and conscious practice of releasing) toxic relationships including the one I had with toxic masculinity.  Just as I began to question why I even held onto to a belief in the divine, I had a spiritual experience that I’ll have to tell you about some other time (though words would not be sufficient) and was compelled into purpose by the Higher Power of my understanding.  Based on that spiritual awakening I was moved to again seek fellowship with people who I could practice my foundational contemplative practices with, (now that I knew what they were called).

After an invite that came at the right time, and an openness to inner wisdom leadings, I began attending Meetings for worship with Friends, and I eventually came across an organization called The Mystic Soul Project where they caught my interest with a focus on people of color centeredness and pretty much had my full attention with the words “intersections of contemplation/mysticism, action/activism & healing”.  I volunteered to organize a local inclusive community fellowship where we could explore those intersections together. (Hit me up if interested to learn more!)

Through Mystic Soul Project, like other people who found it and attended their inaugural conference,  I too found missing pieces that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but felt their absence from my life. I began being introduced to concepts such as indigenous reclamation, decolonized religion, and healing intergenerational trauma, and how all of this has to do with mental health and spirituality.

There’s so much more I could get into with this topic and many pieces of my story that simply wouldn’t fit in a blog format, perhaps a memoir one day eh?

In the upcoming interviews I hope to shed some more light on this topic.

Until Next Time…Peace, Love, and Wellness!

Oh! By the way, if you want to learn more about the blogger of this post feel free to check out my about page.

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A Half-year Review Part II


Picking up  where I left off from last week, here is part II of my 6 month review…

Again, I center most of my intentions for the year around 6 areas or slices of life: Personal, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Professional, and Financial. I’m covering the remaining 5 here and then I’ll see you all again in August!


Intention: Knock my walls down

As I work on getting more present and aware, I’ve come to really see how much I like to take on the role of the observer, even when it seems I’m being social. One of my talents is that I’m able to hold multiple conversations and still daydream at the same time without missing too much a beat. Social Media helps me do that because I’m used to monitoring several accounts for people and ghosting in their voice while still retaining my own. The issue comes into play in real life situations when I’m trying to develop real connections. When I feel inadequate, or when I feel not enough for a situation, or rather the people that make up a social situation, which I’m embarrassed to say is quite often; I tend to disappear for awhile, so I don’t have to deal with how Not awesome I am on the outside vs the amazing person I am on the inside.

Basically my natural defense mode is to go inside my own head where it’s safe. That results in self-imposed isolation, making me seeming very cold and distant and well… I start wall building.

The 3 main resources that have helped me tremendously in not only identifying these things about myself, but helping me to work through them so that I could …be love has been The Enneagram personality assessment, The Dark Side of Light Chasers by Debbie Ford, and The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.


Intention: Let Love guide all other slices

I only kept this separate to break down what’s going on here. I no longer believe this to be a separate slice, as I am no longer trying to compartmentalize my relationship with my Higher Power. I realized that was exactly what I was doing, and it took a split with an ex for me to understand that that was what I was doing when I felt “some type of way” about it being done to me.  When I first did this exercise, spirituality and religion held no real distinction so it was easy for me to separate this slice. It looked something like this: Step 1 Go to church on Sunday Step 2 say a prayer at night for the homeless Step 3 Try not to cuss people out throughout the week so no one could question your claim to fame.

However, religion can be tricky and while I don’t identify as solely spiritual but not religious now because I think there is a pivotal role for religion in this society; I think it’s very important to come to your own understanding of the role organized religion plays in your life.  Right now, I’m being led down the path of a seeker but while I seek I already hold certain foundational beliefs one such is that Love seems to be a central theme in many of the major organized religions so I believe love is key. So while I’m working to integrate love, the verb in all I do, I’m seeking to understand that all of what love is which seems to be a life-long journey at least.


I’m grouping these together because they share a common goal. The goal is to try my hand at living in the some of the places I’ve dreamt about as a little girl. There are way more places I’d like to visit, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve wanted to do a volunteer vacation in Africa, but this is something else and this list isn’t as long as the quick visit list. This isn’t about a few days or few weeks pit stop. It’s so much more. I’ll be blogging more on how I’m working on these 3 slices because they are the easiest to measure. It’s much easier to see the intention to move when you’re glancing out the window and it overlooks mountains and hidden valleys rather than a string of Mcmansions (actually some of those developments are kind nice though).  It’s much easier to see the intention to rebrand when you’re passing out new business cards and reciting your new elevator pitch, an much easier to measure the success of the intention to make a certain amount of money, when your bank account shows that you have it filed away in savings.

For now I’ll leave you with these resources: Being more organized helps me be a better professional and I am a fan of the Productive Flourishing Planners method of organizing my work-life.

Also, I am a fan of Make Money Your Honey and I’m excited about this new workbook to help with the process of taking more actionable steps towards financial freedom.

One of the resources I plan to utilize is airbnb and reading the blogs of other traveling location independent entrepreneurs helps a lot. I found this post about how to choose a great air bnb a great starting place.

I’ve heard of travel hacking, though I’m still not sure I feel like doing all the research necessary to actually be any good at it. (I have a business to run after all.)

So there you have it, the blog friendly edition of my personal 6 month review!

Until next time…Peace!

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It’s June! Time for A Half-year Review-Part I

A promised, here is a look at the upcoming blog themes for the remainder of the year. June: Awareness, Acceptance and Facing judgment, July: {Blog Hiatus } August: Be The Change interview series, September: A Second wind for the neo Purposepreneur, October: Express Yourself, November: Gratitude and Thanksgiving, December: Connection and Community.

I wasn’t sure how I could cover Awareness, Acceptance and Facing judgment in 2 blog posts but being that this is June and the last month of the 1st half of the year, a half- year review seems perfect. So here goes…

My personal theme for this year is: Go Get It


I’m not going to lie, sometimes this ride called life feels so exhausting; you really do wish there’s a easy button for you to push. However, reality has shown me that if I wanted change, if I wanted movement, if I wanted breakthrough- it would be an inside-out job…more like a lifestyle. I understand that there will be times for sitting still and simply being present,  and you experience those times even if you don’t like it. But, there are also times when things need to be set in motion so you can position yourself for whatever comes next. It was time for me to move.

It has been scary! I have backed down only to pick myself back up, I’ve hesitated only to say, “nah, I’m just gonna say it, I’m just gonna do that, I’m just going be this” and I throw myself back in the ring.  So far, some of my favorite moves have been… the decision that a social media marketing firm was not the path for me so I began subtly marketing myself specifically as a solo Virtual Marketing Assistant to women Coaches, Speakers, and Authors, and it feels extremely liberating. I formed a joint venture, and together we launched the Love Yourself Love Your Business virtual summit and a new found confidence emerged, (not to mention the start of a new business model). I conducted my 1st Speaking Engagement as a personal development Blogger to a room full of women, and it was empowering.  There is still much work to do, but this time around I’m really just enjoying the journey.

My word for the year is: Breakthrough

I had to look the word up because I wasn’t sure where it came from or what it would look like for me.

A Breakthrough is defined as a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. It’s also an instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity.

Synonyms include: advance, development, step forward, success, improvement.

I haven’t felt any suddenness or dramatization of anything in particular, but others around me have told me that I’ve changed-for the better; while still there others who ask me if certain things will stay the same. I can’t promise things will remain the same, that’s the funny thing about transformation, change occurs. I constantly experience 1st hand, the whole adage about reason, season, and lifetime encounters. And because “go get it” means acting despite fear in most cases, I’m learning that much of my process towards a breakthrough is surprisingly about self-awareness, self-acceptance, and deciding I’d rather be judged for being true to myself, than hold myself back another minute since doing so never delivered on whatever sense of belonging I was hoping it would provide me.  And yeah, that presents lots of reason and seasonal encounters. We shall see what this looks like more and more as the year unfolds…

As I’ve shared before in previous reviews, I center most of my intentions for the year around 6 areas or slices of life: Personal, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Professional, and Financial. This year my goal setting was done differently, so I’m using the word intention on purpose.


Intention: To gain more clarity around my personal brand and adjust accordingly.

A good chunk of my personal brand is expressed through this blog, so with that being said…

Blog Hiatus and Special Announcement: The reason I’m going on a blog hiatus in July is because I am converting to The blog will still essentially remain a blog which strives to Inspire Action, and Revive Passion however, instead of saying Empower the Inner Child I’m saying Empower Women to Activate their Inner Superheroine. And I am not a ‘how-to’ type of personal development blogger because there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to anything in this life.

I also realized that I was most passionate about empowering women who feel “other”. “Other” is defined differently for each woman. Personally, I’d always felt “other” for being introverted, struggling with codependent behaviors in relationships, being a black woman in America, and a business owner who has to be very mindful of my history with depression and anxiety. Coming out about all of this sparked another happening in the personal slice area of development…

Write 1st nonfiction book: Never thought the 1st book I’d want to publish would be nonfiction but that is what it will be. (I’ve decided to go in a different direction with my poetry.) I am currently and actively working on a book project about mental health issues amongst women in business and have called upon women entrepreneurs, and mental healthcare providers from around the globe to help me out. I’ll be sharing tidbits and interesting findings from my research on Twitter.

I’ll pick up with quick summaries on the other 5 slices plus resources I’ve discovered these past 6 months next Sunday.

If you’ve posted a half-year review online, I’d love to read it so feel free to share in the comments section or a private email if you prefer.


Until next time…Peace!


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With a Heart of Thanksgiving: 10 Spectacular Things

So, I wanted to publish this earlier this week but I caught a terrible “seasonal change” cold and had to prioritize (I chose rest and getting healthy). Now that I’m feeling a little better I decided to take up this challenge presented by my fellow audacious life adventurers over in the audacity lab. Honestly, it came at a great time since I usually practice a focus month of gratitude and thankfulness during the month of November.

So, here’s 10 Spectacular Things Happening in my Life Right Now dance through life1) Catching this Cold- I know this doesn’t sound like something awesome, but I try darn hard to see the bright side of things. Honestly, I’ve been tired lately and even though my body craved rest I didn’t give in and pressed on. This cold has knocked me on my butt when it didn’t really have to so that I could give myself some much needed tlc in the self-care department. I realized that even self-love comes with its own slices and this particular slice needed my attention in more ways than one.

2) My personal Astonish Yourself Project- Speaking of love and the Audacity lab, I hinted in a previous post that I would be working on a project that was deeply focused on love. As I delve more into my studies on love and learning some very cool history tidbits too… I am super excited about applying what I’ve been learning along the way as I develop something that I know is going to be amazing! I can’t talk too much about it just yet but be on the lookout for something fabulous in 2015 *wink wink*

3) – Another pleasant mixture of when social media meets IRL (in real life) situations. Even though I’ve referenced Meetup in the past, and had set up an account, I had never actually leveraged meetup until very recently. Now, even though Powermatch – targeted business networking was already around, Sara its fearless leader, created a complimentary Meetup group that gets together once a month and I’ve found myself immensely liking the culture of business networking she’s developed. But for this post, I’m referring to a non-business related group.

I’ve joined in on a few of hangouts and have come to appreciate the time I spend with this diverse group of individuals connecting through a shared personality trait. Right now, I’ve found a happy place for this particular part of my journey with my 2 groups and it’s spectacular to me.

4) Philly- I still love being so close this city. Heck being from Jersey puts me in driving distance from a lot of really awesome majorphilly falls cities on the east coast including New York (and I’ve had tons of fun up there too). But since Philly is a 15-20 min train ride away. I take in as much city time as I can right across the bridge. There are a lot of changes taking place over the bridge gentrification being one of them. But there are just so many hidden gems I’m still discovering in this region. I mean… the food, and the culture, the arts, the universities, the ability to come back to my quiet burb when I want to sleep at night ha! (Seriously, that’s a blessing).

5) My Bestie moving back- Home feels more like home when the ones you love are there. My bestie moved back after a stint near the ATL. Although I can’t keep her here for long since she hates cold winters. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we’ve both recently entered a new decade in life and I’m glad to get to start it off with her here so we can laugh and cry and laugh some more about it over coffee instead of the phone.

6) My new little nephew- I was supposed to come up to the hospital after his birth like everyone else instead I happen to be around when the water broke all the way through to and after the delivery. Let me tell you, I remain convinced motherhood is not for me. Good lordy geeze that was a scene to behold! This little guy gave me quite a scare as he was born not breathing. But he pulled through and is super amazing and so alert…(Auntie brag moment) I can’t wait to take him to the anime conventions and comic-con!

7) I get to be a connector- One of the reasons I wanted to build a blog instead of just journaling my thoughts was so that when the time came, my blogging would allow me the opportunity to be a resource for people who set out to do good things to make this world a better place. One of my clients,  a coach I respect and admire Dr. Clack just so happened to mention to me that she was trying to find an organization that addressed human trafficking.  She was frustrated because she had been to some major networking events and no one could point her in the right direction. What she didn’t know however, was that besides arts for mental health and social change, a cause near and dear to my heart is the ending of human trafficking. I had even did a special independent study on it during my college years. And I just so happened to know of Kelly Masters, (who I met on Facebook and then later at a local cafe) she headed the organization Dining For Dignity that was combating and educating people about human trafficking right here in our own back yard. #Socialmediaforsocialchange

8) The realization that I’m already living my dreams- Being able to be a connector is one part of the story, really building connections/relationships are all a part of the larger scheme of things… One day I looked up at my vision board and gave myself a big hug. Even though I’ve much work to do, my past has shown me that when I set my mind to do a task I am more than capable of turning vision into reality on numerous occasions. This is not only true for myself, but also through my work by aiding my clients as a part of their team, so that they could do the same. Man, it’s a wonderful feeling!

9) Team Moon- Another happy place for me right now is the support I now have in my own corner. When I first started this crazy ride called entrepreneurship I didn’t get much support at all. Heck, I didn’t even support me like I knew I could because I was so convinced that other people knew what was best for me rather than trusting and believing in all that was good and divine within me.

10) Clarity- Like I said the more you know yourself and the more you trust and believe in yourself, shifts began to take place and new paths open. I am looking forward to learning more about the woman I am becoming and how she will share her unique super powers with the world.

Until next time…

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Take the Wheel and Drive: A 3rd quarter review


It’s that time again! What time is it exactly? Quarter review type of post time!  This post is longer than my usual posts. You’ve been warned!

About the Blog is a personal journey blog which strives to Inspire Action despite fear, lack of confidence, and lack of experience; Revive Passion, despite trying to convince yourself that contentment and fulfillment belongs to everyone you bust your butt for and not yourself; and Empower the Inner Child inside, despite growing up in a society that does its best to stifle the very part of you that still believes in the power of dreams.

By doing those 3 things I can fulfill my blog mission to aid you in Activating Your Inner SuperHeroine (or SuperHero).

Sometimes that requires peeling away the masks we’ve given ourselves, or society has placed on us…so please allow me to peel away a mask and reveal some of my truths.

About Life 

My personal theme for this year is: Choose To Dance

Dance to me, is a universal love language.  It speaks of limitless creativity; it speaks of freedom and expression. It is art in motion so it can be versatile, fluid, progress. That’s how I desired to show up to life this year.

My word for the year is: Purpose

As I’ve shared before in previous reviews, I center most of my goals for the year around 6 areas or slices of life: Personal, Social, Physical, Spiritual, Professional, and Financial. Under each slice of life I set about 3 intentions to work on at the start of the year So my theme is in essence the vision I have for the year and the slices help me organize the steps I need to take in order to realize that vision in a balanced way.

*Cues the music*

Personal: Summer was a big reflection time for me, and it helped that I finally took a vacation and unplugged like never before.  I’m still trying to talk myself into making many of the changes I need to make in my life. Many of them were simply going back to the habits I started the year with, things like going to bed before 1am!  While working with my mentor, I became intentional about setting up boundaries and not hesitating as much when those boundaries were breached.  I understand more and more to let out of my life what need not be in it. The conclusion from all the reflecting was to tackle my biggest project yet with a strong focus on the word LOVE, and how to incorporate it in all aspects of my life.  More to come on this…

Social: Family, these 3 months have been all about family. From the sudden appearance of my father and that side of my blood relations I’ve not seen nor heard from in well over 10 years, to my younger brother pep talking me through heartbreak, to the birth a my little sis’s 1st son. I’ve been opening up a pandora’s box of emotions and this time around (with a support system in tow) I’m strong enough to handle them.

I’ll say this, because I understand that sometimes it is your family (the kind you inherit through birth) that can hurt you the most. When I worked in the field of addictions I learned about the concept of a recovery family. I encountered many who suffered from addictions and codependency (the mother of all addictions) and most had come from broken homes.  So, in the process of rebirth as that is what recovery, (or to make it more relatable) transformation presents, you can choose your family of support to represent ( in a healthy way) what your family by birth can not or would not give you.  This is a wonderful concept when you feel like the family you inherited constantly don’t choose and accept you for you.

Physical: Well, I’ve been more conscious of my work flow space, and surroundings. I noticed certain music at certain times of the day helps me concentrate on mudane tasks, while my coffitivity app or the sound of a fan blowing helps my mind stay focused on work that takes more creativity…like writing for instance. Though it still takes me time to motivate myself to do it, I’ve found that I really, really enjoy a nice  mind freeing walk and I’m going to miss being able to walk around in nature. Also, thanks to my personal project, I stopped talking down on myself about parts of myself I didn’t appreciate (work in progress) and instead started blowing myself kisses in the mirror and telling myself that I am enough. So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds and my face is starting to clear up from the adult acne I somehow developed. #justsaying

Spiritual: I suppose the walking in nature and journaling in the park has helped me get in touch with the divine inside myself. Religion has been a part of my story for as long as I can remember but more and more, I’m striving to develop a one to one relationship with the great ‘I Am’ the kind that is open, an full of truth where I say things like “You said You’d take care of me and provide for me and You unlike man keep Your Word, so have at it!” and get a loving (sometimes not wanted) response that somehow makes everything well in my world. I say all this to say for me, when trying to walk in purpose I can not help but to seek what my Higher Power has called me to. I know that my work is my worship and my divine assignment is my priority. It is in knowing that, that on the many occasions when I honest to goodness want to give up I keep pressing forward.

Professional: 3rd quarter was a development season. Besides getting out there and networking, or attending professional growth workshops, this quarter I’ve realized was a lot of mindset work. My mentor Kyna has been a huge part of my keeping my head above the water as I worked through some mindset shifts. Together we worked on developing systems so that I could get more intentional about client experience, and fostering relationships with the amazing colleagues already in my network and a part on my online community. I’ve been able to get more focused on how to truly step into my role as the leader of my social media management firm and I’m even more excited about what my own growth will unleash for the clients my company serves.

Financial: As I said mindset work was the name of the game, and so I was excited to be able to participate in my client’s very first money mindset program launch (affiliate link). Supporting her behind the scenes and then getting to join her and the clients she serves was truly a blessing. If I didn’t already admire her (as I tend to with all of my amazing clients) the content in the program seriously made me want to be one of her biggest fans (I was a fan long before she became a client). Anything numbers usually makes me roll me eyes and have a temper tantrum, but I learned so much about how we look at money and how to release strong holds that keep us from wanting an financially abundant life without guilt or shame. Now, it’s all about implementing what I’ve learn *dun dun duuuunnnn!!!*

So, that’s my 3rd quarter review of the year, thanks for reading to those of you who stuck around!

Also, I’d love to hear about you and what you’ve been up to these past 3 months. Let me know in the comment section 🙂

Until next time…

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