I See You

Dear friends in recovery, rediscovery, and/ or simply on the path of wholehearted living.

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, maybe you know something isn’t quite right but you’re not sure what it is, maybe you’re just tired, and yet still, you’re trying and…


I see you

Out there doing your thing, trying to redeem yourself,  trying to maintain.

I see you struggling day in and day out maneuvering your stride, adjusting and letting go of baggage from old pastimes. Having to dodge character assassination attempts on this new life, and thankfully another chance.

Funny how people fully clothed in their imperfection try to shoot you down for yours. Interested in resurrecting a past self that while you can’t ignore, don’t be fooled, it isn’t the complete story. And you may feel guilty because you’ve played that role too. You might wonder if it’s worth it and if you’re even worthy. You are. You’re not now who you were before. But you were always enough even on your yesterdays and you’re enough even as you stand here all patched up today.

So don’t worry, keep doing you. Keep being true to your journey.  Don’t be afraid to seek out your own truth.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. It’s downright scary sometimes too! Yeah, you’re going to stumble and yeah you may just fall. But get back up and dust yourself off. Not because you should,  but because you believe deep down that you could and you would…eventually. You already have before. And you can once more.

Listen, I’ve worn similar shoes,  heck sometimes I still wear them because like they say ‘one day at a time,’  and sure enough some days aren’t as bright as some of the others but, some days are even better. And you learn to cherish each moment and even be grateful for the disappointments every once in awhile.

I didn’t want to take up too much of your time. I just wanted you to remind you that you are not alone. I wanted you to know that…

I see you
I get you
I choose light and life too just like you
I’m praying for you
And I love you.

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Until Next Time…Peace!

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How to Be a Mental Wellness Advocate when you’re not a Mental Health Professional

After reevaluating our schedules Dr. Angela Clack and I decided to make Your Mental Wellness Matters a short web series rather than an ongoing show. For the last part of the series I invited my colleague Nadine Herring, who does advocacy work with Heroes in Recovery so we could share what advocacy could look like for those of us who have a passion for causes, (specifically mental health disorders and addictions recovery) but are not necessarily doctors or licenced clinicians.

Watch our final Episode below…

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Until Next Time…Peace!

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Oh! By the way, if you want to learn more about the blogger of this post feel free to check out my about page.

Understanding the Concept of Codependency

A while back someone asked me if I had checked out the movie Twilight. I did, and I had read the books too, mostly because I was trying to bond with my little sister. They asked me what I thought of it, I didn’t really have an opinion so I said it was ok. It was a very typical “you complete me” “I would die without your love” fantasy that sells. I didn’t think too much more about it after that. The other night I was asked about the movie again in which I responded, “it was a guilty pleasure”; it caught my attention because in a traditional line of thinking, the story stirs up an old desire to be protected and taken care of, rescued (mostly from self), and completely secure in the fact that someone only has eyes for you. Oh, what a dream. Mainly, I liked to make fun of it. I said, if there was a popular book about the ultimate form of codependency that was it. The line that slammed my point home the most was, “You’re my personal brand of heroine”. There you have it; that is codependency with a special blend of love addiction at your service.

I’m not trying to pick on Twilight, trust me, there are plenty of examples to draw from, I thought I would just use this particular story. Wait now, so, what is codependency? Love addiction? Well, Wikipedia breaks it down for you if you’re unfamiliar with the term.  I have also read that one is a codependent if any person, place, or thing that person is dependent on creates unmanageability or insanity in their life. I realized that whenever I bring up the term codependency, I usually get a blank stare, or I get a reaction that goes somewhere along the lines of “Well if that’s the case, everyone is codependent then, so what!” To a certain extent I agree, many people probably have codependent tendencies (we’re only human after all). One of my most recent comments when I said I felt no need to chase someone down in hopes of love, “lonely forever then”. In response to that I say, being single and loneliness are not synonymous with each other. Yet, somehow we have gotten things so twisted.

After observing behavioral patterns of various people from different backgrounds, growing through my own struggles, and trying to wrap my brain around what it truly means to be healthy in every sense of the word; I wondered, is society so full of unhappy, unhealthy people, that people in recovery, or who attempt to be more than their circumstances, or let’s even go with women who have the nerve to be perfectly fine with being single get demonized, maybe even ostracized?