Be The Change Series Interviews- Featuring: Mia Anika

The 2016 Be The Change Interview Series

Week 1 – Featuring: Mia Anika, Artist, Mental Health Advocate and TEDx Speaker

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TEDXASC MJW headshot cA millennial creative born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Mia Anika serves her community as a visual artist and mental health advocate. She believes that creative expression is key to resolving mental and emotional conflicts, bringing healing: Art Heals the Broken.

On her blog SPECTRUM, she writes about process, shares inspiration for writers, artists, musicians etc (#TuesdayTea), and she discusses particular mental health issues, stigmas and pragmatic ways to overcome, including self-care (#TherapyThursday).

She created #HappyPlaceProject to help creatives and caretakers in particular to take focused breaks through journaling exercises, meditation and music–all packed in a free 7 day course delivered in a newsletter.

“Creatives, caretakers and entrepreneurs of color, in particular, do not take the time and space to care for themselves. Focused breaks actually make you more productive, less anxious, more liberated over time.” She shares in her TEDxAgnesScottCollege talk, Happy Place The Art of the Outlet.


How You Can Help

Mia’s artwork centers around the exploration of inner worlds, the intersections of faith, history and emotional intelligence. Support this artist and advocate at:


Resources Mentioned




National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI NJ Annual Conference 

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Be The Change Series Interviews- Featuring Rachael Kay Albers

Be The Change Series Interviews- Featuring Rachael Kay Albers

If the video didn’t show up here’s the direct link:

About Rachael

Rachael Kay Albers is an artist, activist… Rachael has split her heartwork between her web design biz, RKA ink, and her arts based community work with youth in Mexico, Guatemala, and Kenya.

You can visit for the archives of a collection projects and stories of social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and activists.

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