Be The Change Series Interviews- Featuring: Sabrina Umstead Smith

The 2018 Be The Change Interview Series

Week 3 – Featuring: Sabrina Umstead Smith, Grief Specialist and Advocate for Special Needs Families

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Sabrina is the author of Gratefully Disappointed – Learn Through Forgiveness her inspirational and encouraging memoir. Sabrina shares her journey to remind us no matter what we experience there is a lesson for us to share. Sabrina is the creator of Forgive4U, a program that defines the six essential steps to overcome emotional roadblocks. She coaches clients one-on-one and spreads the Forgive4U principles through professional speaking engagements. Sabrina and her husband Roosevelt (Rosy) founded, Erick’s Place, a non-profit organization named after her son, a special needs child, who passed away at the age of 3. She is also a contributing author to two books: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made and; the Amazon Best Seller, Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-Being.

Visit Sabrina’s website: for additional information and resources.

How You Can Help

Support Erick’s Place and help chronically ill children as well as the hospitals, facilities and people who care for them get the resources they need.

Resources mentioned

Sabrina’s other book mentioned: Pathways to Vibrant Health & Well-Being


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Hope For Chronically Ill Children and Their Caregivers

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I became aware of two awesome local nonprofits. I’ve already exposed you to one, now let me introduce you to the other, the Erick J. Umstead Memorial Foundation(EJUM).

The EJUM Foundation is a nonprofit that provides resources for chronically ill children and their caregivers. Some of programs within the Foundation include: “Caregivers Count” which address the monetary need of the parents and caregivers of chronically ill children, “My PJ’s” which addresses the need of the children to have fresh pajamas during their time at a medical facility, and “The Scholarship Program” to help high school seniors pursuing education that addresses the chronically ill community.

The need for nonprofits such as the EJUM Foundation has truly grown
over the years. There are literally Millions of Children living with diagnosed chronic illnesses. Parents and caregivers are very overwhelmed as they try to care for their loved ones without going broke. The Erick J. Umstead Memorial Foundation is here to break down the barriers that keep parents and caregivers from getting the help they deserve as they take on the very challenging task of caring for chronically ill children.

What makes the EJUM Foundation so special is the passion and determination held by its founder, Sabrina Umstead Smith. After experiencing first hand the struggles of a working parent trying to raise a chronically ill child, Sabrina knew she could not keep all of her experiences and resources to herself and so the EJUM Foundation was born, in loving memory of her son Erick. The EJUM Foundation currently serves Southern New Jersey, Central New Jersey, and Philadelphia. By localizing its efforts, the people served get focused attention and their needs met from an organization that is aware of the high cost of living in these areas.

If you would like to aid in the efforts to help chronically ill children and their caregivers you can do so here.

Connect with EJUM Foundation on Facebook and Twitter