The Only Constant Is Change

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Change is…well, if you ask me it’s hard. I think we like familiar patterns, even if it means our unhappiness. If that weren’t somewhat true we wouldn’t stay at jobs we hate, we wouldn’t stay in unhealthy relationships, and we wouldn’t suppress our very essence so we could fit in with the familiarly of those around us. There are also times when we get feisty, we want the representation of said change, like yesterday, without all the hassle that comes with it. So yes, we want more, we want better, yet we resist the process.

But if we really want to push through, stay the course, reach our fullest potential-then we have to come clean with ourselves so we can move out of our own way.

What are we afraid of? Is it fear of failure or success? That we can’t measure up because we have a bad case comparison syndrome? That no one will “get us”, quirks and all?

I had a recent conversation with a colleague about the changes I wanted to make over here on and realized I was resisting the changes I’ve been wanting to make dismissing my writing here as only a hobby, as if my voice didn’t matter as much. Why?  Because here on this space I wear my heart on my sleeves, here, I’m exposing myself to critique, and if I didn’t take here to the place I really wanted to take it, I couldn’t get hurt if I failed, or if people judged me. Even though I knew, showing up to life in any state you will get judged because that’s what folk do. Funny how we know so much, will explain, and make excuses for ourselves to run from ourselves. So, after talking it out, and letting it digest some, letting all the positive seeds that my many life teachers have sown into me take root, I knew it was time to do what I have to do.

This wasn’t an overnight thing-getting to the point of ‘I will make the biggest investment I can for my own development so I can embrace my purpose’. The wonderful thing about change is that is a process. Habits don’t die so easily, and naysayers don’t go away. So you have to trust the process, act despite your fears, crawl when pressure is weighing you down, and take massive leaps instead of letting the floor fall from under you, and just know that the process works.

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Just Getting By


These past 2 weeks have been full of very interesting conversations.

I was able to catch up with some peeps I hadn’t spoken to in a hot minute, and jumped on a few Skype calls with some very happening entrepreneurs.

I felt very motivated, and in the zone. I even found my ipod that’s been missing since forever. So I wondered what the heck was on it, (my ex was actually the one who bought it and put songs on it). *Finds all kinds of music: gospel, rock, pop, songs not in English and then some Wu-Tang, Talib Kweli and Tupac *

So, as I’m listening to and deleting music, I come across the latest ezine from one of my most recent subscriptions Dr. Venus Opal, the headline: Broke, Poor, Rich or Wealthy?  I’ve read similar content that essentially touch up on mindset and money. I even did a vlog about abundance vs scarcity mindsets myself. But you know what I’ve learned through marketing, messages get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Our brains are over-crowded with noise and lots of junk so it can’t hurt to reinforce something that still needs to sink in,(and even that takes a mental shift to understand).

She basically wrote that while poor was a circumstance you work towards changing, “Being broke is when something at the soul level is “broken,” and I’ve learned that your soul is your mind, will, and emotions.

I’m tryin’ to make a dollar out of fifteen cents…

“Rich”, she goes on the write, “…is when you have a lot of ‘stuff’ It’s something you can touch, see, and taste.” And with a broke mindset, “you may get to the top of the ladder and then realize it was leaning against the wrong building!” -Dave Ramsey

This morning I woke up feeling brand new, I jumped up feeling my highs and lows in my soul and my goal’s just to stop…

My Goal isn’t just to stop, it’s to grow.  It’s to learn, and to be equipped. It’s to be the head and not the tail.

So the questions then become:

What are we feeding our souls? And if we are called to be leaders, what are we feeding the souls of those who follow?

*Song lyrics were used out of context for blog purposes*


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Say It Out Loud

speakI’m not sure why, but I had the movie Akeelah and the Bee playing on repeat inside my head over the week. There are so many teaching moments in that movie, I’m almost embarrassed to say that I almost passed it up.

There was one particular scene, “You’ll Be A Champion” that really drove home the learning moment I experienced as an ever evolving business woman.

After reading the inspiring words of wisdom from Marianne Williamson about not being afraid of herself, and all that she was capable of, young Akeelah still struggled with being afraid to fail in front of others. She also struggled with outside influences and had a hard time admitting the deepest desires she held within her heart. It’s funny how so many of us can relate to that…

There was a point in this scene that she started to settle for good enough, (because that ruthless inner naysayer always wants to rear her ugly face at you).  So her coach, (even she had a coach) made her say out loud what she really wanted, to admit it to herself and release it out into the universe.

In the Get Clients Now program it’s referred to as the straight face test. The test is simply you declaring a goal, or your mission, or your vision, or your purpose out loud, so that it becomes real to you, so real that you feel it deep in the pit your belly until it overflows and erupts out of your very being, and you own it like you know you should.

What will you say over yourself this week, this month, this year?

“If you can’t say it, then you can’t win it, so say it.”


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The Comparison Syndrome: It Will Stunt You!

green eyes

January is generally the month where people have set, are still setting, or have already broken their New Year resolutions. So we’ve gotten clever about it, and started calling them fancy names in a fit of rebellion against the norm to convince ourselves to make them work. Hey, whatever floats the boat!

Then there are some of us who take it a step further.  In wanting to make sure we at least make a true effort to turn those sand castle dreams into something concrete, we develop goals that we hope are intelligent, and plot out different methods of action we can take to accomplish said intelligent goal. And to make sure there aren’t any security breaches we grab up accountability partners, coaches, mentors, self-help books, (and the beat goes on), because who wants to end the year on Häagen-Dazs in front of the TV declaring that the next year will be their year…again.

But then, you start looking around and everyone else seems to be moving faster than you, climbing higher heights, getting clients, feeling their pipeline with leads, getting the promotion, keeping their job! But what about you?!?

Now, while I can’t answer that question in particular, I think sometimes we have to stop waiting for life to give you a hand out and go create your own luck. At the same time, I know we experience different seasons in life (although it’s an honesty you don’t always want to hear when you’re down in the dumps). So, instead, I’ll touch on one particular area that I think builds us down; it’s a set back we establish at the very moment we map our game plan for the year.

You set some goals and tell folk and while you’re sharing yours, you think maybe you’re not showing up to life in a big enough way so you adjust, chuck your own ambition away and then you’re chasing a life that wasn’t what you wanted in the first place.

So, your Best friend wants to set a big, scary hairy out of the comfort zone goal to go to the slums in India and feed orphans, your goal was to get a bucket so you can have access to that job that pays a little more so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck. You see noble in her goal, not remembering the why of your own.

This year, I started off with a group coaching program, it was an affordable program that I believe will propel me forward to my best year yet. Last year despite the affordable price, I would not have invested in it; I was in a different season, and had to set other goals.

One of the things that attracted me to the program was that it was called something I was setting out to do this year; astonish myself. And so I encourage you to do the same, Astonish Yourself!  Dream your own dreams, set and adjust goals that make sense for you, create a life that speaks to you, dance your own dance, walk in your own purpose.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” Bruce Lee


Until next time…

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Abundance or Scarcity Mindset, Which do you have? [Vlog]

This month I revisited the topic of Mindset. In order to have Mindset transformation you have to make a conscious decision to develop healthy thinking patterns. I believe the 1st step towards this is awareness. Where are you currently?

Here’s the 4th video in my I Know The Pieces Fit ongoing vlog series…hope you can vibe with me on this one: