As I was slowly recovering from a horrible cold this past week, I began to take in my most recent lesson on praise and gratefulness despite not being in your most ideal situation.  

After being unemployed/underemployed for a year now, it has been quite some time since I’ve seen an ounce of the stability I once knew and yearn for, (especially in the financial department). Because of this, I didn’t think I would look forward to any holidays this year but I surprised myself. I truly enjoyed Thanksgiving with the beautiful family that has welcomed me into their home this year, and despite not being able to go see my family (due to car troubles), I didn’t let it bring me down and keep me there.

Throughout this year for every small victory I gained, I’ve seen rejection that felt like bricks weighing down any progress I’ve made. Despite the setbacks, I’ve learned that I’m a fighter. With that I can truly say that I’ve grown more humble and appreciative of many things I may have overlooked in the past. For instance, I never realized how much I appreciate a genuine phone call, text message, or even Facebook message from my loved ones who simply say “I love you” or “I had you on my mind”. It made me want to come off my “it’s all about me” or” woe is me” mentality long enough to empathize and/or sympathize with the people who need me (my genuine and strong willed self) most. Or, I never realized how much it meant to me to have the people I call friend not to be judgmental of me when I make an occasional “wrong turn” or don’t do things their way.  It really put my Virgo criticism nature in check. Most importantly, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to have a roof over my head (no seriously), to have clothes on my back, to have a car that I couldn’t drive when I wanted but helped me get to where I needed when I needed, and very grateful that the loved ones I wanted to see are still here on this planet for me to see and so was I.  I’m looking forward to more holiday adventures and memories to share and reflect on.

How was your holiday weekend?  Did you run into any problems? Did you let it kill your festive mood?



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