I wanted to conclude my series on Black Entrepreneurship the way I started it, with a husband and wife team of entrepreneurs.

Meet Michael and Khia Abanyie; Local Entrepreneurs, and Charitable Givers!

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do?

Mike – I’m the Founder & CEO of T.A. Computer Techs  a computer company focused on finding technology solutions for Personal, small & start up companies.

Khia – I’m the Founder & CEO of Wiggalicious Wigs – We specialize in making quality boned and sewn units at an affordable price.

Together, we also Co-Founded Abanyie Films  and The Gospel Opera  

Abayie Films is A Video Production company focused on creating Professional & Inspiring videos as well as commercials to help promote businesses.  While The Gospel Opera is a brand thru which we create inspiring, Informative and entertaining multimedia videos to inspire and provoke others to be all that God created them to be and inspire them to live Life to the fullest by chasing their goals and dreams.

Where does your inspiration/motivation come from?

Mike- I am, for the most part, self-inspired and motivated by being able to help others, but the satisfaction on our customers’ faces when I’m able to give them a solution that fits their budget and company culture helps as well.

Khia – I’m inspired and motivated by being able to help Women look and feel beautiful!

How do you define and or measure success?

We both define success – as our customers being satisfied with their purchase or services that we provided them & them referring us and returning back to use our services & products again.

As a married couple, how do you support each other through the trying times that comes from you both being entrepreneurs?

We both support each other primarily thru Prayer. We also support each other by investing in books, researching best business practices, Investment in each other thru encouragement & also holding each other accountable to the Vision of the company.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Stay focused on the vision of your company and your passion not the monetary portion of the business. The money will come if you stay focused on your passion and Vision. Remember you are your only competition so what do you have to loose.

Author’s Note: The Abanyie Couple give back to their community, with their program “Diva Locks”, where they are able to give away Wigs to charities and those suffering from Hair lost. They also participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure yearly to help with Breast cancer research. Truly, they are a lovely couple to bring the series to an end.

Please support all of these entrepreneurs in their endeavors and keep hope alive!

Until next time…

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