Writing theWay towards Love

Lynette is building a community where writing meets mental health and spirituality, sharing her writing and training to guide changemakers and creative entrepreneurs on their own transformative healing journeys.

Work with Lyn as a…

- Writer -

Lynette invites readers to discover healing and transformation through writing, tapping into the power of stories to create communities, and advocating for those who are most vulnerable. Her insights, articles, poetry, and essays have been featured in print magazines, health and wellness sites, religious publications, and nonprofit whitepapers.

- Facilitator -

As a trained peer support and expressive writing facilitator, Lynette leads both virtual and in-person workshops that integrate traditional mental health and 12-step recovery tools with spiritual practices and the expressive arts, teaching attendees how to practice self-care, compassion, and resilience building skills in their daily lives.

- Speaker -

Lynette presents on topics related to wellness at work and life as a guest speaker for mental health programs, team-building retreats, faith-based communities, and business events. Lyn frequently shares research from her first book, Success To Die For: Breaking Down Assumptions About Anxiety, Depression & Suicide, and Their Impact on Business Women.

- Advocate -

As a mental health advocate, Lynette works to create a better culture of wellness within businesses, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations. In addition to sharing practical resources, Lyn offers healing opportunities for those who are struggling to express and reinvent themselves. Among Lyn’s previous initiatives is the Emotional Liberation Fellowship for Women of Color.

Lynette Davis is a writer, speaker, and mental health advocate who believes stories can change the world and create meaning in life. As a Rutgers University alumna pursuing a graduate seminary degree in theopoetics and writing, Lynette practices writing as a form of healing, prayer, advocacy, activism, and ministry. While sharing her own unfolding journey with readers on her blog, she teaches changemakers and creative entrepreneurs how to find their own fulfillment and healing through their writing.

“Lynette has a knack for combining her passion for mental health work with her naturally inquisitive nature. The result is a well-balanced and down to earth approach to even the most difficult topics. She skillfully ropes her audience in with pop culture references and humor to lighten the mood and create safe spaces for authentic engagement and discussion.”

Dr. Tiffany Jenkins, LCADC, ACS, CCTP,
LPC Therapist & Founder of Awakening Change LLC

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