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Handling shifting tides? Walking the road of mental health recovery? Profound transformation?

These are all plot twists I’ve experienced in my life. I bet you’ve experienced your own too.

I share my lived-experience of traumatic transitions, rebirth, and reinvention through engaging, thought-provoking, and down-to-earth stories. My presentations are full of helpful takeaways your audience can apply to their everyday lives and circumstances.

We are all walking stories still to be told and ever unfolding as we encounter new plot twists in our lives and the larger world we live in.

Let me help your audience tap into their authenticity with my practical yet empowering presentations and interactive workshops.

Invite Lynette to Speak

I’m available to speak or lead workshops about mental health and workplace wellness for nonprofits, faith-based organizations, churches, women’s networking groups, spiritual retreats, corporate wellness programs, and pop-up wellness events. 

Organizations I’ve Presented For:

  • Global Women 4 Wellbeing (GW4W)
  • WELCOA (Wellness Council of America)
  • HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® and Global Healthcare Resources

And many more.

My Signature Speaking Topics

Mental Health in Career Transition
Going through a career transition can be stressful. It’s easy to wrap our identities up in job titles and positions. When that happens, it becomes more difficult to not fall into thinking traps and mirrored choices and behaviors.

During this presentation, I talk about the 4 Cs (Compassion, Courage, Connection, and Care) to better position yourself so you cultivate an abundant mindset and live out your resiliency story as you grow through career changes.

The main takeaway from this presentation is: To equip yourself with coping skills for the emotional highs and lows that come with change. I’ll guide your audience through those emotions so they can make informed decisions as they transition from one stage of life to the next.

The ABC Method to Managing your Mental Health as a Leader
Being a leader is an exceptional responsibility. But with more responsibility comes less “you” time. You become so focused on your team that you unintentionally forget to take care of your mental health, which can lead to burnout and other stressors.

During this presentation, I talk about the ABC Method (Assess, Balance, Connect) for managing your mental health as a leader.

The main takeaway from this presentation is: Don’t be afraid to use tools to manage your mental health. Whether that’s mood trackers, notebooks, or Zoom, technology is an asset that can help us take care of our mental and emotional wellbeing.

How a Self-love practice can reduce your chances of having Emotional Meltdowns.
Self-love isn’t selfish. You can’t pour from an empty cup. And taking care of yourself first is actually your gift to others.

During this presentation, I break down how self-love empowers us to offer more compassionate care to others.

The main takeaway from this presentation is: There are different branches that make up our self-love tree. Nurture them by learning to track whether you’re just having a “bad” day or not. I help your audience reimagine ways to build emotional roller coaster resilience.

“Lynette has been mental health advocate and champion for the care of those who struggle with mental illness for as long as I have known her. I have collaborated with her on interviews, social media live stream, and in-person events and have experienced Lyn as compassionate and caring.”


- Dr. Angela Clack

Clack Associates, LLC

“I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Lynette on a self-compassion group during the chaos of 2020. She was wonderful to work with. Her presence with the group was warm, engaging, supportive and knowledgeable. She related to a diverse group of participants with ease and grace. She was always prepared and also able to respond to what was needed in the moment. She communicated with me promptly and clearly, and was a joy to co-create the group with. She had wonderful ideas and helped me refine mine and bring it all together to create something collaborative and rich. She brought wisdom, kindness and care into all our interactions, with each other and with the group. I highly recommend Lynette; she is so skilled and experienced in so many arenas and is a person of great integrity and care, with a wonderful laugh”
- Rachael Koeson

Politicized Somatics Practitioner, A Midwife for Collective Liberation

Courageous Spaces

Your creativity set free.

Sometimes speaking events can constrain your voice. A Courageous Space is an intimate gathering where you are free to share personal narratives and explore practices that generate healing, restorative meaning making, and make internal shifts that fuel your engine to drive the change you desire to see in yourself and be in the world.

To accomplish this, I facilitate small group experiences (therapeutic writing, self-compassion, spiritual deepening).

My goal for Courageous Spaces is to accompany and witness you as you compose the story that is your life.

Sample of a Courageous Space Group Practice

First we dance, then we write.

Sitting still in silence to wait on the Divine to whisper messages we can then give voice and meaning to is one of many spiritual practices. Sometimes, getting quiet enough to hear in-spired revelation doesn’t look like the cessation of sound and movement.

In this embodied approach to prayer, we’ll be combining praise postures such as Barak, Yadah, and Towdah with music, deep reflection, and writing to connect with the Divine as our dance partner, leading guide, and constant companion in life.

Background and Training

Professionally, I’ve worked in various positions in the fields of behavioral health, addictions, human resources, digital marketing, and administration. However, my work didn’t feel truly purposeful until I integrated a strong spiritual foundation. My faith journey has been multifaceted and quite ecumenical. I’ve been associating with The Religious Society of Friends since 2016 and am a member of Ujima Friends. For a short stint, I was unaffiliated and religiously spiritual (rather than spiritual but not religious). Formerly, I’ve served in various performance arts ministries in the Baptist tradition. However, my family worshipped in Methodist and Holiness-Pentecostal denominations. I also attended Catholic school. I enjoy interspiritual bridge-building dialogue and strive to hold a welcoming space for people of all faith backgrounds, racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and other identity factors. 

I’m currently in formation (or rather, a “becoming” process) with an ecumenical community of women religious discerning a vocation for vowed consecrated life.

Theologically speaking, I find the most resonance with the writings of Dr. Monica Coleman, Rev. Wilda C. Gafney, Ph.D., Dr. Christena Cleveland, and Dr. Katie Cannon.

However, as a follower of The Way, Yeshua is my primary teacher, a constant guide and friend in my life.

The Path of Love which I travel is full of mystery, beauty, and awe. I find traveling companions in the mystics such as St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, Rumi, Sojourner Truth, and Howard Thurman.

Training Includes:

  • Seminarian working towards my MA in Theopoetics and Writing at Earlham School of Religion (coursework includes: Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Direction)
  • BA in Sociology from Rutgers University 
  • Completed some coursework in Expressive Arts Therapy with a focus on Journal and Poetry Therapy
  • Certified in Mental Health First Aid
  • Completed NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group Facilitator training
  • Completed WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) training
  • Familiar with 12-Steps Recovery Models

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