Back when I was only a “blog lurker” I came across someone’s personal definition of success in which it read, Success is the ability to monetize your passion. Now I liked what he had to say, and many business owners and entrepreneurs would definitely agree, but I couldn’t help but feel this definition needed more substance. Success, as I envision it now, (and this could change in the future) involves a little more than just making money.

 My personal definition of success is about finding fulfillment in my life’s ventures, overcoming fears and obstacles, and managing to come out on the other side of this deep dark valley having gained invaluable wisdom and insight. Don’t get me wrong, because we live in a world or, rather, society driven by money and power I understand and accept that success includes being able to pay my bills on time. However, I don’t want to feel as if I’m a complete failure, rather than a success, if circumstances hit me hard and I’m left without the steady flow of income many jobs usually provide (which at the time of this writing I am technically unemployed).

 I just feel that success has to be a mindset of not giving up, pressing on, rolling with the punches, picking up the pieces, taking your losses as lessons, and a constant pursuit of unshakable joy. You can’t make money off of your passions if you haven’t a clue what your passions truly are. And you won’t know what your passions truly are until you have an intimate relationship with yourself. I’m learning that I have many passions, and I won’t make money off all of them, mainly because I specifically want to enjoy my life and not look at everything as if it has a dollar sign on it. Spending time with my loved ones and enjoying their company, for me, is priceless. At the end of the day, my vision of success involves seeing myself grow through changes, realistically measuring my progression; hopefully inspire others to seek their own truth for themselves and getting a fist pump and a nod of approval from God when I pass on. (I know I was being a little goofy there but I’m sure you get the picture).

 So that is how I define success, what about you? How do you define success?

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