A few years ago, I watched a movie called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I didn’t read the book series, but I checked out the movie because I have been a fan of America Ferrera since Real Women Have Curves. I thought the movie was cute, as it followed the lives of 4 young women on different paths of self discovery as they held their bond of friendship while away from each other through a common denominator – the pants. I was reminded of the film when I found myself sitting at a table with 3 other women chatting and chewing at  Friendly’s after a Sister to Sister fellowship.

The real fellowship of sisterhood happened after the actual event. It must have been a string of fate that pulled us together as we were all headed separate ways, but somehow ended up crossing each other’s paths and decided to continue our conversation in a safe place. Although, we were all on different paths and headed in opposite directions, we hoped we could one day come back together and bond just as we had that night.

In this circle of friends, acquaintances and strangers, I again was able to see how radiant women shine through  struggles, hurts, heartaches, and pains. We were all on a mission to conquer our fears and seize the bigger picture goals in life rather than remain victims to our temporary circumstances. The best thing about love, real genuine love, is that it allows you to open up without being afraid that someone is going to hurt you. These ladies offered me a picture of love; one that I rarely come across nowadays.  We all shared pieces of ourselves, and I realized how empowering it is for us to release the things of our past that we thought would hold us captive for life. It’s almost like shackles falling from your soul; releasing you from feeling that you could never be accepted once the real you is discovered.

Have you ever felt so low that you didn’t want to be in your own company? When you are in that state of mind, it’s hard to believe anyone would love you as you are. It’s not a fun place to be.

We have all, in our own rights, come a mighty long way. I hope to share more about the journeys of: the nurse by day and savvy hustler at night- new mommy plotting on a business that will allow her the privilege of bringing her child to work while still being able to cook delicious meals for her hard working hubby; the community focused, social entrepreneur, who after a massive layoff, decided to go for her doctorate degree; the newly engaged mommy who finally said enough is enough, enrolled in a specialized college to become a champion for an ignored community; and the probable serial entrepreneur who hopes to travel the world and become a motivating factor behind the rise and succession of the oppressed and marginalized, while still finding time to watch cartoons and pig out on banana splits.

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