So, earlier this week I posed a question to my Facebook peeps…

 I know that passion looks different for each person, as passion takes form in many facets of life. Some things I have what I call a deep sultry passion for like my spirituality, while other things I will almost want to cry out of  happiness for, like eating a delicious home-cooked meal (don’t judge me yall). But what I was referencing in this particular instance was work. What kind of work gets you hyped? What kind of work makes you ring out the bells and fling out your arms and to sing out the news? (Can you guess where I pulled that line from?) If that is a bit dramatic; what kind of work makes you not dread Monday mornings?

The reason Passion has been on my mind so much lately is because I’ve been feeling so alive, inspired, and action driven. I know that it’s because of 1) my reinvention and the reinforcement that if I lose track, I can always do a life reset And 2) because I’m pursuing my passion-based business, and walking in purpose.  Is this easy, uh yeah right the path to this point came after some very hard choices, sacrifice, and is an ongoing whirlwind of fears and conquering fears.

How do you get started? Well, take a stand and as Nike says “Just Do It” Just Start Today. Whether it be something as small as creating a vision board in an effort to define success on your own terms or something like exploring your passions by volunteering, interning, going back to school, or being the best mommy blogger ever (whatever fits your fancy). Passions change over time and that’s ok too. It’s trial and error anyway. But quite frankly, when it comes to loving my work and pursuing my passions, I’d rather try and fail then not try at all and regret as I watch life pass me by.

Are You Working Your Passion?

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