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Lately, I’ve been noticing a sort of anti-social media whisper hovering around the web. Not surprisingly, the whispers are coming from those who have been early adapters of social networking. Okay, I’m over exaggerating a bit, not quite anti-social media, but somewhere along the lines of not becoming a puppet controlled by the “next big thing” that’s trending in the digital marketing sphere.  As someone who spends a huge chunk of my waking hours with my face buried in some form of a computer screen,  I know that I serve my clientele much better when I’m not a droid to my Droid.

Actually, I wasn’t too surprised with an infographic about internet use and its affect on our creativity.(The graphic did a number on my eyes it was kinda loud)As a social media practitioner I’m well aware of the fact that social media is a huge time sink especially when you are just starting out with it, or learning your way around a new platform has been crowned the latest and greatest, (this week) and trying to develop a healthy routine that benefits all areas of your social life. I

I said all that to say, for those of us who try to live by the neat and productive to do lists we set for ourselves, we need to schedule in time for a “not doing a darn thing” moment. Within that moment, turn off the smart phone *gasp* shut down the computer, and enjoy this beautiful yet (sometimes) ugly world we live in.  (I actually just made an anime reference). By ugly I mean the ugly things people do to one another and this planet as a whole (another topic for another day).  Life is happening all around us, and it’s the greatest blank canvas for anyone who can imagine all the possibilities to make it most fulfilled.

Even when I wrote out this post in a pretty turquoise pen on recycled notebook paper (yes, I don’t always just hammer away on a key board) I felt much more calm and ideas are flowing with next steps I wanted to take. It really helped that when I wrote this, I was sitting at the park looking onto the river with my phone, and all the crazy noise it would have brought me powered off, just for that moment in time.  After that, I ran around from meeting to meeting and closed some sales for my smallbiz, talk about productive. Sometimes, you just need that break away.

The question then becomes do you have the will power to take a break from it all?

Can you stop checking for updates from your ex’s Facebook account (you closet stalker you)

Can you stash away some time to stop pinning about your dream life and work towards making your dreams come true?

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