I’m interrupting my “check out my stuff” series to tell you all about an exciting challenge I really believe can pick up the down trotted, the stuck, or the just plain bored. This challenge is the 31 Days To Reset Your Life. I think now couldn’t be a more fine time to press the restart button on a year we still have the opportunity to accomplish what we said we would do in January, but didn’t. Why wait to start or revamp what you gave up on and decided you’ll try again next year, when you can do it now?

But…but…Can completing a focused exercise for 31 days really make that much of a difference? Absolutely! Why do I believe this, because I’ve done it and it works if you want it to. Yes, I’ve done a month long,  “back to the heart of what really matters” journey myself, and in that timeframe, I started this blog, (a blog I’ve grown to be very proud of) my business (a business formed out of passion that I am able to monetize), walked away from my own special blend of “we found love in a hopeless place”…(another story for another time).

If you’re up for a good challenge then I highly suggest you invest in yourself by purchasing this affordable and well worth the price 31 day reset and join a tribe of women (and maybe men too) who want to see awesome change in their lives RIGHT NOW.

Also, If you do accpet this challenge let me know about it, as I will be encouraging you and rooting for you along the way. One thing I’ve learned and have carried with me from my previous line of work “in the field” is that  you have trust the process, the process works…if you want it to.

Until next time…


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