candlesA new reader found my reflections after I shared a new post update on one of my social networks. She sent me a message on said platform that said something along the lines of although her  year wasn’t the best after reading my post she was reminded of her desire to accept herself just as she was and the importance of balance in life. After reading that something I wrote encouraged someone, I instantly remembered my why.

Today is my 2nd year blogging anniversary!!!!!!  That’s right, it’s my blogiversary 🙂

Although Reflections of A Summer Moon originally Reflections of Asummermoon (one my original online screen names) is a blog of self-expression meaning that you will indeed find my personal musings here, I’ve always made an effort to write this blog to help others who could vibe with me. I’ve always wanted this to be a resource blog just as much as it was a personal blog sharing lessons I’ve learned about well…life, not being stingy with exposing you to people who could probably guide you better than I ever could, and being open to advice on how I could become a better me.

And so, I want Thank you all for reading whether this is your 1st time here or you’ve been with me when I had 3 readers (my mom, best friend, and yourself ). (Yeah, somehow when this guy writes that it’s much funnier)  I’m grateful for you and your eyes.

I have a couple of fun ideas inside my head that I still need to get down on paper with regards to the direction of so I plan on staying around some more until I brings those ideas to life.  And I hope you’ll stick around with me.

Just to let you know, I’m continuing my Black History Now series in February for Black History Month, and I will be interviewing a few local black entrepreneurs from the Greater Philadelphia region who are willing to share their experiences to inspire us all to keep moving in our own professional development.

That’s it for now!

Again, I thank you for reading along and I encourage you to stay in the know about when I publish a new post by signing up for my free blog updates!

Until next time…..


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