In celebration of Black History Month, I’ve been conducting weekly interviews on local Black Entrepreneurs who are willing to share some tips and advice for aspiring business owners and community leaders. I would like to introduce to you all my final guest to conclude this series…

Meet Darnyelle Jervey Speaker, Award-Winning Author , and Your Incredible Factor Catalyst


Darnyelle A. Jervey is the founder of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC

In this video interview Darnyelle shares with us

  • How to stand out in the crowd when it seems everyone is doing the same business as you
  • How a $500 investment is just enough to grow big business
  • What an Incredible Factor is and steps you can take to unleash it in 2013

You can reach out to Darnyelle online via her site

You can register for the Unlease Your Incredible factor Tour at

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