the secret garden

These past two weeks I’ve been in serious analysis paralysis mode. Last weekend, I gladly accepted an invitation for a weekend get away to Maryland and VA and took the entire weekend off. Yesterday, I spent time with my mother, grandmother and family. It felt great!

My trip down state wasn’t exactly a relaxing weekend; as a matter of fact, I literally hit the ground running once I arrived to my hosts’ home. The trip was full of exploring historic landmarks and being one with the great outdoors, trying new foods, and enjoying the company of complete strangers who decided to throw a karaoke party my behalf just for showing up (I’ve actually never done karaoke before in public so a special thank you to Blinkie’s Karaoke for making me feel very welcomed and comfortable enough sing aka to hurt their eardrums). Because I don’t usually do things like this, I had a blast!

Just for that weekend I decided to let it all go and enjoy the moment. I get so enamored in reaching the end goal; reaching my pre-determined destination that I forget to enjoy the journey (where the real magic happens). It’s times like this where I embrace being like the wind. I drift and free flow with whatever life hands me. I am content but not complacent. I am grateful, appreciative, and accepting of the here and now. Did I completely get over my case of analysis paralysis…well, no. But I’m a firm believer in the results coaching can bring to your personal and professional life, and practice what I preach, so I joined a group coaching program to help work out some of the kinks, (review of the program to come). To me, taking a break away from it all, being encouraged to embrace the present moment and realizing that I needed to make a choice; one act of courage was what it would take to get very specific help if I was to get out of my funk, and that was the great and valuable lesson of the week.

What do you do when you get analysis paralysis? Any suggestions for people who have limited funds and can’t just take a trip out of state?

Until next time…

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