Lynn's Vision Board

Above this text you will see my very 1st Vision Board. It took me a few weeks to finish it since I’d attended that vision board workshop back in July. It’s a general board, an overview of what I’d like to see happen in time, or rather, how I’d like to show up to life.

And although it felt fulfilling to complete this art project, I felt undeniably overwhelmed by what the Lord had placed in my heart to accomplished. Who am I to do those things? Can I even make that really happen? Am I good enough, talented enough, smart enough? Am I enough?

Have you ever thought those kind of thoughts, felt that kind of weight on your shoulders?

But I’ve learned to pull out these wonderful words of wisdom…(not taking credit for the words at all!)


I Contemplate what those words really mean, and then I give it go despite my fears.

I can also now glance at my vision in art form and remember my why.

But, oh no, it won’t be a board of coulda woulda shoulda,  in fact it’s motivation to set things in motion, make things happen by breaking it down, setting deadlines, and giving rewards for steps of progression…

So, I pulled out a few items on my board the ones that scared me the most…

I’ve been sitting on years of poetry that I packed up and buried in storage, most of it I didn’t feel was worth a second look nevertheless, I set an official date to self-publish I shared the date with my Facebook friend and author Audrey Austin who has published quite a few books and seems to know the ropes pretty well, and with a date looming over my head I finally went and retrieved the cobweb invested boxes which held my notebooks of poetry captive for years, so I can finally begin the editing process.

I have set up meetings over the next 2 weeks with people who run or have participated with nonprofits and charities in Kenya so that I can gather information and resources to fuel my fundraising efforts for a volunteer trip to Africa. (There’s never a perfect time so the time is now)!

With this new season upon us, and as we head back to school, back to work, back to networking, and unleashing our unique super powers out to the world, my question to you is what will it take for you to Dream Big, turn those dreams to Vision, use that Vision to create SMART Goals, and Feel great joy from your accomplishments?


Until Next Time…

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