It starts with incoherent thoughts, that later form into wonder and finally questions. There has to be someone who I can fully and truly relate to out there. Someone who “gets” me, someone I can vibe with, someone who already expresses what I’ve been trying to convey. But alas, they come close, but they just don’t drive it home for you. And that’s okay, because if you’re really honest with yourself, you need to get into your own element to find what you’re really searching for. So, how do you do that?

I’ve made it no secret, I’m an introvert. I’m hardly shy, but if I don’t get my alone time, and space, I get cranky. The problem is, as a mission-minded business owner, I can’t afford to stay to myself, it would be selfish, and I got thangs to do.  Still, admittedly, I struggle…so I searched. And luckily, there were women who understood the feelings. They got in their element and asked questions with me in mind. What would it take to get Lynn offline and sociable? 

I soon discovered that I do much better with intimate networking events that clearly have introverts in mind, or one-to-one and small group business matchups. It’s my comfort zone, and in my comfort zone I can be in my element, and when in my element, I’m good at helping other people get in their element too. Funny thing about being in your element, you start to grow more confidence and you find yourself better equipped to step out of your comfort zone to do bigger, bolder things.

The other day, my colleague asked me where do I find my inspiration for blog posts. So, here’s my answer. You are. You all are on so many levels. People fascinate me. Some people are so very beautiful to me, while others…well I sometimes wonder if their soul is possessed (psychopaths come to mind *shivers*)  I take to social media because it allowed me access to people from literally all over the world people I can’t find easily in my own neck of the woods. All very unique, yet so similar. And with that access I’m reminded of a fundamental truth, a wonderful teachable moment presented over and over again.

That while we can find our kindred, and they become friends, and accountability buddies, and coaches, and mentors…we are already the person we’ve been looking for our whole lives. We simply need to believe it, and continue to shape and mature that belief.

It’s nice, actually, I’d say it sparks hope and faith when we find people who have what we believe we want. It’s cool to drink from the cup of their overflowing success you thirst for, a blessing indeed. But at that end of the day, be you.

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!-Dr. Seuss

Here’s to seeing more of the real you this upcoming week. let’s inspire and empower each other with our authentic selves.


Until next time…

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