It’s that time again! What time is it exactly? Quarter review type of post time!  This post is longer than my usual posts. You’ve been warned!

About the Blog is a personal journey blog which strives to Inspire Action despite fear, lack of confidence, and lack of experience; Revive Passion, despite trying to convince yourself that contentment and fulfillment belongs to everyone you bust your butt for and not yourself; and Empower the Inner Child inside, despite growing up in a society that does its best to stifle the very part of you that still believes in the power of dreams.

By doing those 3 things I can fulfill my blog mission to aid you in Activating Your Inner SuperHeroine (or SuperHero).

Sometimes that requires peeling away the masks we’ve given ourselves, or society has placed on us…so please allow me to peel away a mask and reveal some of my truths.

About Life 

My personal theme for this year is: Choose To Dance

Dance to me, is a universal love language.  It speaks of limitless creativity; it speaks of freedom and expression. It is art in motion so it can be versatile, fluid, progress. That’s how I desired to show up to life this year.

My word for the year is: Purpose

As I’ve shared before in previous reviews, I center most of my goals for the year around 6 areas or slices of life: Personal, Social, Physical, Spiritual, Professional, and Financial. Under each slice of life I set about 3 intentions to work on at the start of the year So my theme is in essence the vision I have for the year and the slices help me organize the steps I need to take in order to realize that vision in a balanced way.

*Cues the music*

Personal: Summer was a big reflection time for me, and it helped that I finally took a vacation and unplugged like never before.  I’m still trying to talk myself into making many of the changes I need to make in my life. Many of them were simply going back to the habits I started the year with, things like going to bed before 1am!  While working with my mentor, I became intentional about setting up boundaries and not hesitating as much when those boundaries were breached.  I understand more and more to let out of my life what need not be in it. The conclusion from all the reflecting was to tackle my biggest project yet with a strong focus on the word LOVE, and how to incorporate it in all aspects of my life.  More to come on this…

Social: Family, these 3 months have been all about family. From the sudden appearance of my father and that side of my blood relations I’ve not seen nor heard from in well over 10 years, to my younger brother pep talking me through heartbreak, to the birth a my little sis’s 1st son. I’ve been opening up a pandora’s box of emotions and this time around (with a support system in tow) I’m strong enough to handle them.

I’ll say this, because I understand that sometimes it is your family (the kind you inherit through birth) that can hurt you the most. When I worked in the field of addictions I learned about the concept of a recovery family. I encountered many who suffered from addictions and codependency (the mother of all addictions) and most had come from broken homes.  So, in the process of rebirth as that is what recovery, (or to make it more relatable) transformation presents, you can choose your family of support to represent ( in a healthy way) what your family by birth can not or would not give you.  This is a wonderful concept when you feel like the family you inherited constantly don’t choose and accept you for you.

Physical: Well, I’ve been more conscious of my work flow space, and surroundings. I noticed certain music at certain times of the day helps me concentrate on mudane tasks, while my coffitivity app or the sound of a fan blowing helps my mind stay focused on work that takes more creativity…like writing for instance. Though it still takes me time to motivate myself to do it, I’ve found that I really, really enjoy a nice  mind freeing walk and I’m going to miss being able to walk around in nature. Also, thanks to my personal project, I stopped talking down on myself about parts of myself I didn’t appreciate (work in progress) and instead started blowing myself kisses in the mirror and telling myself that I am enough. So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds and my face is starting to clear up from the adult acne I somehow developed. #justsaying

Spiritual: I suppose the walking in nature and journaling in the park has helped me get in touch with the divine inside myself. Religion has been a part of my story for as long as I can remember but more and more, I’m striving to develop a one to one relationship with the great ‘I Am’ the kind that is open, an full of truth where I say things like “You said You’d take care of me and provide for me and You unlike man keep Your Word, so have at it!” and get a loving (sometimes not wanted) response that somehow makes everything well in my world. I say all this to say for me, when trying to walk in purpose I can not help but to seek what my Higher Power has called me to. I know that my work is my worship and my divine assignment is my priority. It is in knowing that, that on the many occasions when I honest to goodness want to give up I keep pressing forward.

Professional: 3rd quarter was a development season. Besides getting out there and networking, or attending professional growth workshops, this quarter I’ve realized was a lot of mindset work. My mentor Kyna has been a huge part of my keeping my head above the water as I worked through some mindset shifts. Together we worked on developing systems so that I could get more intentional about client experience, and fostering relationships with the amazing colleagues already in my network and a part on my online community. I’ve been able to get more focused on how to truly step into my role as the leader of my social media management firm and I’m even more excited about what my own growth will unleash for the clients my company serves.

Financial: As I said mindset work was the name of the game, and so I was excited to be able to participate in my client’s very first money mindset program launch (affiliate link). Supporting her behind the scenes and then getting to join her and the clients she serves was truly a blessing. If I didn’t already admire her (as I tend to with all of my amazing clients) the content in the program seriously made me want to be one of her biggest fans (I was a fan long before she became a client). Anything numbers usually makes me roll me eyes and have a temper tantrum, but I learned so much about how we look at money and how to release strong holds that keep us from wanting an financially abundant life without guilt or shame. Now, it’s all about implementing what I’ve learn *dun dun duuuunnnn!!!*

So, that’s my 3rd quarter review of the year, thanks for reading to those of you who stuck around!

Also, I’d love to hear about you and what you’ve been up to these past 3 months. Let me know in the comment section 🙂

Until next time…

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