When you set out on a journey to define and refine success on your own terms, you will find yourself at crossroads from time to time. I think one of the most difficult crossroads you’ll come to, is the point where you have to decide if the path you’re on is truly in alignment with the calling on your life. This can be an especially difficult decision to make when the new path that has opened up means exploring uncharted territory and the familiar path is a road you can confidently travel with your eyes closed.

I haven’t read the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins yet, (it’s on my to-read list) but, I do recall hearing the phrase “good is the enemy of great”.  So, I began to wonder how many of us cling to what we’re good at because well…we’re darn good at it only to miss out on that something great even if it meant completely changing the path we were on.

How many assessment tests will we take to finally be satisfied with the results that somehow consistently tell us pretty much the same answer?

How many coaches and accountability buddies will we rant to about the same thing over and over again so that we can avoid facing our fears of success.

How many coffeeshop meetups with our besties will we go on only to hear them tell us what we already know to be our truth?

And what is that truth?

Well, for one, there are no magical answers. I’m a practical person and I like very concrete answers but as much as I’d like things clear cut in black and while, the world is colorful and I believe the same is true about life, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Though there’s no easy button perhaps if we start with the belief that we already are what we’re searching for we can trust that we are equipped to be the greatness that dwells inside.

And finally it’s not too late to find the door that leads to life because that’s what we’re all here for. To Live. To Live Purposefully.

Until next time…

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