In celebration of Black History Month, I’m conducting weekly interviews on local Black Entrepreneurs-Making History today!

This is my 5th and final year I’m presenting this series as an exclusive interview series. So, I switched up things a bit and expanded into reaching out to people whose work expanded into the greater Philadelphia region as they are more location independent.

My guests are willing to share some tips and advice for aspiring business owners and community leaders who are willing to step up and make things happen for themselves and those around them. I would like to introduce to you all my special guest of the week…

Meet Sonia James Pennington-Artistic Director, and Choreographer


In this interview Sonia shares with us:

1) What prompted her to open up a dance studio and pursue the path of the arts even though she had originally chosen the path of law as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey.

2) How she handles obstacles and roadblocks such as lawsuits that threatened to take her company from her.

3) And how she currently defines and measures success as an ever evolving entrepreneur.

Check Out Our Interview Here:


You can find out more at:

Tune in next Saturday for my next guest entrepreneur. 

Until next time…Peace!


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