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Every answer you seek won’t come in the form of a ‘How-To’.

And as scary as this may seem, it isn’t supposed to be that way.

When our lives have suddenly spiraled out of control, or at the very least, have fallen to an abyss of out of our comfort zone, it’s easy for us to look for a fast fix. ‘If I do step A and then B, I’ll get solution C, and all will be well again (at least that’s what the instructions say will likely happen).

Sometimes this works, but because it’s a temporary Band-Aid over a deep wound the issue tends to resurface, (sometimes with a vengeance) and right back to square one again you go still seeking answers, searching for someone to fix your life, and being angry at someone because they are unwilling to fit neatly in the box you’ve hand-carved for them when in fact you do not appreciate yourself being exposed, the same self that doesn’t fit into the box society has placed you in. It’s a vicious and draining cycle…

I met a guy once upon a moon, who was…accident prone when it came to relationships. He slipped and fell in to them, clumsily handled fragile hearts, and eventually broke up. In a fit of frustration at the beginning of his new spiritual journey he cried out, God, why don’t you just make me a puppet so I can stop messing up! He concluded that the world would be a better place if we weren’t left to our own devices. I retorted, ‘sorry Pinocchio your wish came true, you’re a real boy now!’ only it sounded more like this well, at this time, it’s not that way, so what do you want to do about your life now? And without a doubt the me of those moons ago would have started humming Ain’t it Fun around him just for kicks, if the song existed back then….

But his answer revealed itself in how he showed up to his life, or rather, how he let life happen to him unaware, and mostly reactive. Likewise, we reveal the same. And I don’t necessarily mean our circumstances but rather how we handle them. There are plenty of How-To’s with instructions for molding yourself to fit into someone else’s perception of what you should be, and not enough reminders that simply say “In A World Where You Can be anything… Be Yourself”. From there we can work on being the best version of ourselves as possible. That way, no matter what is going on outside, you’re cool, calm, and collected on the inside. Yeah, templates are nice, helpful even. But they will never truly hold the key, or the magic wand to make everything alright in our lives…

This learning, this growing, this being, in this seemingly ordinary life, is truly a daring adventure. Ain’t it fun? 🙂

Until next time…Peace!

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