I’m not a huge fan of pop music. It feels like it’s an amalgamation of the kind of music that captured and expressed cultural movements. I’ve never felt the heartbeat of society in pop music…more like the music was a diversion *shrugs* However, being that I am a visual learner, I do appreciate the videos that accompany the catchy songs. Every once in awhile, I’ll hear a song that makes me wonder what kind a video could express what the song is trying to say, and every once in awhile, I come across what some would consider controversial videos.

Recently, I watched the video for Elastic Heart by Sia on YouTube. While, I was understanding to why a lot of people were really uncomfortable with the presentation I couldn’t help but notice a pattern of her using the young dancer, Maddie to represent what seems to me like inner-child work interpretation.

The very first thing I thought when watching the video was that it represented the cage of self-imposed limitations, a concept I’m currently reading about.

I saw two aspects of a personality, but my main focus was on the child that wants to behave in ways that may not be socially acceptable, that wants to express herself, that wants to be free and wants full cooperation and willingness to obtain said freedom.

I saw that she could only be free and whole when both aspects of her personality walked out the cage together as one healed and fully integrated soul. Otherwise, we have a bunch of children playing all grown up, those working 9-5s and 5 to 9s just to get by, those heading major corporations, those who are deciding whether or not certain people should have access to education that could actually give them a chance to get out of the systems that are inherently catch-22…all of them yearning to be free.

What I was most curious about was whether the underlying message I interpreted from the video was triggering a reaction to the child still trapped inside our own personal self-imposed imprisonments of the soul.

And if that was the case, would we be willing to let our yearning lead us to living an uncaged life and have us swinging from the chandeliers, (kidding, just kidding I couldn’t help it) or stay put and deal with the constant uncomfortably comfort of the dull stinging grey existence. And if you chose living and freedom, I suppose the next question after that would be… how bad do you want it?

Until next time…Peace!

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