Picking up  where I left off from last week, here is part II of my 6 month review…

Again, I center most of my intentions for the year around 6 areas or slices of life: Personal, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Professional, and Financial. I’m covering the remaining 5 here and then I’ll see you all again in August!


Intention: Knock my walls down

As I work on getting more present and aware, I’ve come to really see how much I like to take on the role of the observer, even when it seems I’m being social. One of my talents is that I’m able to hold multiple conversations and still daydream at the same time without missing too much a beat. Social Media helps me do that because I’m used to monitoring several accounts for people and ghosting in their voice while still retaining my own. The issue comes into play in real life situations when I’m trying to develop real connections. When I feel inadequate, or when I feel not enough for a situation, or rather the people that make up a social situation, which I’m embarrassed to say is quite often; I tend to disappear for awhile, so I don’t have to deal with how Not awesome I am on the outside vs the amazing person I am on the inside.

Basically my natural defense mode is to go inside my own head where it’s safe. That results in self-imposed isolation, making me seeming very cold and distant and well… I start wall building.

The 3 main resources that have helped me tremendously in not only identifying these things about myself, but helping me to work through them so that I could …be love has been The Enneagram personality assessment, The Dark Side of Light Chasers by Debbie Ford, and The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.


Intention: Let Love guide all other slices

I only kept this separate to break down what’s going on here. I no longer believe this to be a separate slice, as I am no longer trying to compartmentalize my relationship with my Higher Power. I realized that was exactly what I was doing, and it took a split with an ex for me to understand that that was what I was doing when I felt “some type of way” about it being done to me.  When I first did this exercise, spirituality and religion held no real distinction so it was easy for me to separate this slice. It looked something like this: Step 1 Go to church on Sunday Step 2 say a prayer at night for the homeless Step 3 Try not to cuss people out throughout the week so no one could question your claim to fame.

However, religion can be tricky and while I don’t identify as solely spiritual but not religious now because I think there is a pivotal role for religion in this society; I think it’s very important to come to your own understanding of the role organized religion plays in your life.  Right now, I’m being led down the path of a seeker but while I seek I already hold certain foundational beliefs one such is that Love seems to be a central theme in many of the major organized religions so I believe love is key. So while I’m working to integrate love, the verb in all I do, I’m seeking to understand that all of what love is which seems to be a life-long journey at least.


I’m grouping these together because they share a common goal. The goal is to try my hand at living in the some of the places I’ve dreamt about as a little girl. There are way more places I’d like to visit, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve wanted to do a volunteer vacation in Africa, but this is something else and this list isn’t as long as the quick visit list. This isn’t about a few days or few weeks pit stop. It’s so much more. I’ll be blogging more on how I’m working on these 3 slices because they are the easiest to measure. It’s much easier to see the intention to move when you’re glancing out the window and it overlooks mountains and hidden valleys rather than a string of Mcmansions (actually some of those developments are kind nice though).  It’s much easier to see the intention to rebrand when you’re passing out new business cards and reciting your new elevator pitch, an much easier to measure the success of the intention to make a certain amount of money, when your bank account shows that you have it filed away in savings.

For now I’ll leave you with these resources: Being more organized helps me be a better professional and I am a fan of the Productive Flourishing Planners method of organizing my work-life.

Also, I am a fan of Make Money Your Honey and I’m excited about this new workbook to help with the process of taking more actionable steps towards financial freedom.

One of the resources I plan to utilize is airbnb and reading the blogs of other traveling location independent entrepreneurs helps a lot. I found this post about how to choose a great air bnb a great starting place.

I’ve heard of travel hacking, though I’m still not sure I feel like doing all the research necessary to actually be any good at it. (I have a business to run after all.)

So there you have it, the blog friendly edition of my personal 6 month review!

Until next time…Peace!

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