I decided to blog about Black Entrepreneurship, (and yes I will also blog about other topics this month just in case anyone is wondering). This will be a segment of Q & A’s on black entrepreneurs who are working hard at being awesome, while leaving their mark and building their legacies. I know I could quote some famous and historical black figures since it is Black History Month, but I also wanted to shed some light on the progression and success of everyday black people- dreaming, believing, and achieving in 2011. I know this isn’t history, but it is history in the making and that counts for something. I like to read about the everyday unsung heroes; the firefighter, the caretaker for the elderly, the advocate for the youth, etc. I want to share a fresh perspective from the people we know and grew up with; the ones who are taking risks to own that dream business, or build that personal brand. Many small town or inner city raised blacks are at the forefront of community development. They step to the plate as leaders and mentors to students and troubled youth. They bring employment opportunities to the jobless and donate to charitable causes. I want to acknowledge the blacks who bring about positive reinforcement against the negative stereotypes that deter hopes and ambition. Some of my “interviewees” are going to be small business owners, while others will simply be working towards becoming their own boss. One thing they all have in common is that they are defining success on their own terms, and that is definitely something worth celebrating.

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