As promised in my post Black History Now , I would like to introduce music artist Wan-Miz!

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do?

What’s up? My name is Wan-Miz, I am an underground hip hop artist from the city of Camden, New Jersey where I was born and raised. I am part of a group called the Nu Treez. I’m a man on a mission to get my music out and heard.

 You can check out my music here:

 Catch me online:

What do you love most about being a hip hop artist?

Everything about music is love to me. I enjoy music with a meaning and concept behind it; no matter the genre, if it’s good I will listen to it. I also love being creative. I try to step outside the box and do the unthinkable. 

 How did you get started? 

(Ha Ha Ha) Well I could take all day telling this story but I’m gonna try to condense it as much as possible. I’ve always loved music ever since I was young, mainly the melodies and beats. When I was about 12 years old I had a cousin (R.I.P Rome) who loved everything that was music; rhymes, beats, dancing etc. One day he introduced me to Bone Thugs N Harmony’s ” East 1999 Eternal”  and I was like whoa! I had never heard music put together so well; the melodies, fast flows and rhymes, I memorized the whole album and grew fans from my “Bone [thugs] flow”. As time went on, I eventually found myself sitting on an abandoned step with a group of friends who started freestyling. Since I felt confident enough with my poetry and story writing, I took a chance and let my words flow into rap lines. After that, I jumped in any freestyle battle I came across and got better and better each time. Since I couldn’t afford studio time, I bought an old radio with a built in microphone and started recording my freestyle vocals with my cousin in the background screaming WAN MIZ PRODUCTIONS (Ha Ha Ha) As I grew popular I used to hate of other contenders and people who rejected my style as fuel to fight harder for my dream.

 What were the first steps you took towards making your dream into reality?

I started writing more, trying to create my own unique sound and style. I knew I needed to constantly work on my skills, so I devoted many long days and nights trying to perfect this art I love.

How do you handle obstacles and roadblocks? 

The one rule I have set for myself is FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION period. I’ve always been a very competitive person and always believed I could do the impossible if I put my mind to it. I take obstacles and roadblocks and learn from them to make me stronger. It’s the best thing to do.

Who had/has the most impact on your life?

My mom and dad have the most impact on my life. I love them dearly.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from LIFE; my ups and downs, my smiles and frowns, my trials and tribulations. You become a stronger person each time you go through something in life. I’m inspired by what people tell or told me I couldn’t be or do. I remember when I was just a child; there were teachers and even family members that used to say I wouldn’t be anything in life but a bum begging in front of Mc Donald’s [A common occurrence in downtown Camden]. Why, because I was a typical kid [from the ghetto] who just wanted to have fun. People expected me to act older when I was trying to enjoy MY LIFE. Being told I would amount to nothing when I know better IS MY MOTIVATION FOR INSPIRATION.  I WILL MAKE SOMETHING OF MY LIFE and I live by that.

How do you define and or measure success?

When you are at the point of interest where YOU want to be or are at least headed in the right direction. 

What is the one action you have taken that has accounted for most of your success?

Being very observant and learning from all situations. I also network with people who share my similar interest, that way we all learn from each other.

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