In my last post I mentioned that I found a work from home opportunity that keeps me productive and on my toes while I’m (technically) unemployed. What I didn’t mention was how legitimate work from home opportunities require investments that many people who claim to want a “side hustle” or home business aren’t willing to dish out.

   Work from home businesses require time, money, industry knowledge, quality product and/or services just like a brick and mortar business does. Even if you sell makeup or offer babysitting services, you have to develop some kind of business plan and strategy.  When I decided to pursue a work from home business I knew I wasn’t going to get rich quick, but I did jump in thinking  ‘how hard could this be?’ with no game plan, no real training, and even the assumption that all my family and friends would ride in the bandwagon. Boy was I wrong. I almost laughed when I read this article on network marketing in which the writer basically asks: Do you wake up one day and say “I’m going to be a doctor!” And you go down and join a company, get a distributor kit for 50 bucks, and you’re a doctor?” As funny as that sounds, I understand how ridiculous my thinking was in regard to my approach to online marketing. What can I say? You live and you learn. Luckily for me, the La Bella Baskets opportunity required no contract or startup kit. It was perfect for a complete newbie in the marketing world to learn by trial and error. Honestly, when I came across the ad for a “Gift Basket Consultant” on Craigslist, (Yes I said Craigslist) I just wanted to supplement my full-time income so that I could have some extra money on the side. As it turns out, I lost my full-time job and have been afforded the opportunity to really learn how to be my own boss.

   Being an entrepreneur, no matter how large or small scale, is not for the faint at heart. I’ve had to “woman up” on numerous occasions while still battling my introvert personality.  I hope anyone interested in work from home opportunities will not approach their business with a lackadaisical mindset. Although I never intended my side hustle to be anything more than that, working my business and growing with my company, I gained skills and confidence that I can take to my next job and future entrepreneurial endeavors.  Even if I don’t accomplish everything I originally set out to do, I’m striving to enjoy the journey and learn from my mistakes.

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