It is well known that in times of economic depression, a few brave souls will step out of their comfort zones, and start up their dream company. Some of them build castles in the sky, while others build foundations upon which legacies are born. Some start-up companies are derived from a job lay off or termination. Some start-ups see a lack of resources and are an attempt to fill a void out of necessity. During my networking, I came across a start-up in the works called The Isaiah Project.

The Isaiah Project rose out of desire to help people fulfill their dreams of home ownership. The program was initially conceived to walk unqualified applicants through a pipeline process that ultimately opens access to a mortgage they would have otherwise been denied. Traditionally, the story usually ends once a new homeowner receives their keys, but not with The Isaiah Project. In seeing the rise of short sales and home foreclosures the founder, Andres Viloria, saw an opportunity to help save families from foreclosure by making their home a primary focus to program participants looking to purchase a home. He also saw a serious need for shelter of displaced families. His vision is to assist those families who can no longer afford their mortgage, get placed in homes provided by investors. Once an investor provides a home to a displaced family, the family would then rebuild their lives and renew their faith in the great investment of homeownership. They would then begin the pipeline process of credit restoration, followed by lender approval, and finally once again securing a home,hopefully they will help another family in the same situation they were once in. Mr. Viloria says,  “People need to have a sense of hope in their lives and know that there is someone out there that understands and is looking out for their best interest.”

The Isaiah Project is still in its conception stages but the founder hopes to spark a national movement within the mortgage and real estate industry. The goal is to encourage companies to stick with their
clients during their journey to homeownership rather than leave them
hanging when times get rough.

If you have any suggestions that will aid in the vision of opening doors
to homeownership for those who are willing to work for their dream,
you can find more information here.

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