I have nothing but respect for those who truly get and apply the concept of Hakuna Matata, (There are no worries). On good days, I’m so full of faith I swear I could move mountains, and on bad days, really bad days, I question every decision I’ve ever made including ones I know good and darn well I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. I thought it fitting that I my devotional asked, “If we can’t change anything, why are you wasting your life trying to fix the things that can’t be fixed?” I didn’t like that at first, I wanted to believe that change was always within my grasp and that I would always have power to make things happen. I realized, I was thinking out of context, it wasn’t about rolling up your sleeves and raking the leaves with your neighbors. This was about realizing that being human isn’t a negative and that it was okay to trust in the process of the journey. I thought I would share a piece that I found some time ago, enjoy.

August is a month dedicated to the wonderful word, retreat. People have often called it the dog days of summer. It’s a time to take a break from the busy, crazy activities of life, stand still and learn to enjoy the quiet and solitude. Many of the greatest teachers have always taken time to be quiet and learn to appreciate the gifts and creations of life. Let go and let God, gratitude, prayer, meditation, openness, spiritual awakening, service, acceptance, sharing. I consider these words to be the secret to inner peace and serenity.

Here’s the break down:

*Let go and let God allows us to decrease tension, stress, and anxiety.

*Gratitude is our way of saying thank you for the experiences we have been given

*Prayer is our life source, our way of sharing with our Creator our feelings

*Mediation is God’s way of teaching the value of being quite. When we are in stillness we can hear the teachings and messages of life.

*Spiritual awakening is the core of our spirituality. Each awakening allows us to grow a little bit more.

*Service and sharing allows us to continue our progress of growth. We are not islands.

*Acceptance -When we are able to accept the reality of who we are, we will be able to accept others

I thought Mr. DiPaquale pretty much hit the nail with this one. Did you notice how worrying, stress, self-deprecation, and thinking you can solve all of your problems alone didn’t make the list of words towards a peace of mind? So, why do we constantly waste our lives away worrying and fretting over things that are said and over with, or that we have no control over? Have you ever made a mess of things only to find that if you had just sat for a moment, embraced this gift of silence, that all of your needs would be met and all you had to do was receive your blessings?

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