I’ve noticed that a lot of my peers had a rough week. One thing that tends to happen when we have rough weeks is a lot of doubt, fears, and insecurities. So I had to pull out an affirmation to encourage us all to treasure ourselves during the good and the bad. And remember, like most great things in life, treasuring yourself is a process; it’s a journey. I thought I would share this piece with you…

Treasuring Is a Process

Treasuring yourself and setting effective boundaries is a process. For some, the word “process” automatically triggers resistance, especially if it’s dubbed a “lifelong process”. If you have difficulty mustering enthusiasm for something that continues until you die, change the way you think of it. Imagine the process of stepping on a lifestyle path that will take you to beautiful places. Or, picture it as an upward spiral; see it, each step lifting you to the next. However you choose to see it, each step is a goal accomplished, a win that motivates you to the next win. It’s like rolling doubles in Monopoly. You get another chance to win the game. Feeling discouraged by the thought of a lengthy process is like a dieter who is told it will take five months to lose extra weight. Then, when the first few pounds are lost, he or she remembers that the rewards of even long-term processes begin immediately. With learning better boundaries, the small goals can invigorate you and motivate you towards a bigger goal. Each step is a win for you and will spur you forward toward your goal of successfully managing your life. Simply taking a small action like limiting the number of times you agree to something you can’t comfortably do today, is a success in boundary setting. Remember, treasuring yourself is the finest gift you could give yourself, the people you love, and the world that needs your authentic contribution.

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