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As a budding entrepreneur, I face challenges and obstacles almost on the regular. Once I finally learn one trick of the trade and feel comfortable about it, the trends have changed and I have to learn something new all over again. Although this can get frustrating, I’ve never been so excited about work in my life. I truly feel blessed that I am able to take this opportunity and pursue my dreams. With that being said I am aware of a very real enemy that comes to steal your dreams in sly manners such as loss of motivation, and fear.

Passion-based business doesn’t necessarily mean automatic success and sometimes that can be very discouraging. To keep on with the keeping on, I’ve developed a list of 3 ways I stay motivated, and pressing on during the trials and tribulations that come with Entrepreneurship.

1)    Get Accountability

When you’re just staring out in business you’re reminded many times that in order to be successful you need to develop a tendency towards action. By breaking up big goals into small manageable actions steps, you are well on your way to being successful. Sometimes we get off course and the winds of life blow us astray. Accountability keeps us anchored, so when the storms of life hit, we can get back on track and find balance. Accountability could be mentors near and far; your business partner (like in my case), a business coach, your mastermind group, and even your blog readers.

2)    When You’re too tired, or uninspired to create… Celebrate!

Sometimes, because you love what you do, you can end up working yourself into the ground, (Especially when you are first starting out). Exhaustion kills creativity, and the things that inspired you before seem to just weigh you down. That’s when it’s time to take a break and just live. Celebrate everything you’ve accomplished thus far. If you finally got a website up, even if that’s as far as you got right now, celebrate it, have a website launch party if that makes you feel better. You’re amazing and everyone who matters knows the potential in you. As a Gen-Y Entrepreneur my biggest worry is that people won’t take me seriously if I let loose from time to time and just have fun and act my age. I now know that when I take time to smell the roses and enjoy being me, I work better and smarter because I come back to the table refreshed, and inspired. I also realized that I want to work with people who want to work with me; I’m a cartoon lovin, comic book reading, dance star (in my head), who also happens to love helping people realize their dream. Which brings me to the next point…

3)    Stay True to Yourself and Honor Your Values

I’m sure you’ve heard of personal branding. Personal branding is essentially building a reputation for yourself and letting that reputation precede you.  Businesses are run by people, or a person, You. It makes no sense to have a business run by you but you have to put on another persona to run your business. It won’t be fun, it’s a waste of time for everyone involved and it makes you lose inspiration to keep going. I kindly remind myself and whoever wants to challenge the things that bring me peace that my business has a real “home grown” not machine manufactured human behind it (I was referencing The Matrix if you couldn’t tell). I laugh, I cry, I need sleep, and yes I want to spend time with my family and loved ones too. I also realize the amazing spirit inside of all humans, and if I click my heals 3 times, and flow with what life has to offer me, I can really fly and be everything I feel I’m called to be.

At the end of the day, because I consider myself a woman of faith, I’m always humbly reminded that Everything is made possible through the Lord who gives me vision.


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