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I’ve been reading a lot about goal setting lately, mainly for business. But, sometimes, I need to go back to the heart of it all and re-evaluate my own personal goals to make sure that everything I plan and the action steps I take going forward reflect the personal vision I have for my life. Before I thought of anything else, before I decided to go after my dreams, I had to make sure I was in tact, after all, how can I serve anyone or any cause if I was broken. Much like SMART goal setting, self-esteem goal setting has guidelines that I thought I would share with you. (No, I did not come up with these guidelines I’m just sharing resources that were shared with me)

Guidelines for Self-Esteem Goal Setting

 1. The Goal should be conceivable. You should be able to understand the goal and identify what might be a first step.

2. Each goal should be believable. You should believe that you can accomplish the goal

3. Goals should be achievable. Each goal should be accomplishable given your strengths and abilities.

4. Goals should be controllable. They should be stated with regard to what is in control of each person. Goals which involve your own behavior is controllable.

5. Goals should be measurable in time and quantity. It is better to state that you want to reorganize your home office by Sunday evening rather than saying you want to have a more organized looking office space.

6. Every goal should be desirable. A goal should reflect something you want to do rather than something you feel you should do (or because somebody told you so).

7. Goals should be stated with no alternatives. Stating a goal by saying “I’ll do this but if not this then that” only leads to doing neither. If your goals changes state the new goal without an alternative.

8. Every goal should be growth-facilitating. They should not be destructive to yourself, others, or society. Once you’ve reviewed the guidelines, write a self-esteem goal using the guidelines then visualize yourself involved in the goal, and what it would feel like to accomplish the goal. Then go do it!

“Whether You Find You Can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” –H. Ford

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