When I was younger, I watched a movie called LaBamba and of all the things from that movie that stuck with me over the years was if you have a dream of your airplane crashing, your going to crash in real life and die. (Don’t laugh at me) Anyhoo, so of course I  had a dream of flying and crashing, not to mention a yearly dream of flying without wings yet always losing my ability to fly halfway through my dream giving me a flying phobia and as a result never got on a plane. When it was time for my senior class trip I had decided I would get over my silly childhood fear,  but earlier that year the attacks of 9/11 happened and I was terrified of getting on a plane so course I didn’t go …Then a funny thing happened, I walked right smack into a quarterlife crisis  and I realized life was in motion, while I was standing still. I didn’t like that feeling, and it caused me a lot of unnecessary hurt as well as those who crossed my path. I was afraid to live, to be myself, to fly. Then, it hit me, I wanted to embrace everything that I am, no matter who the real me was, and I knew that by doing so, I would finally be able to grow. I wanted to grow into my purpose, and as I embraced that desire to BE I knew I wanted to fly.

Is there any area in your life you want to embrace but because of fear of failure or even fear of success you hold yourself back?


P.S. I was able to check off get on an airplane and travel  from my life list, you guys get a 1st look at my travel experience before I post it on my YouTube Channel (check out my pic with Miss Donna over at fashion blog Discount Thief.)

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