This post was inspired by How Bad Do You Want it? Someone asked me what day of the week is my favorite. While I greatly enjoy the weekend, since it seems that everyone comes out to play after a long work week. I would have to say that I am a Monday person. I think to myself, ok, this is a new week, a new chance to do better than last week; Here is a new opportunity to stay on course or go the extra mile, another chance to prove to myself that my head is in the game and I’m in it for the win. My business partner wonders if I always have motivation and drive for our business. That’s a fast No! I struggle with insecurity due to the uncertainty that comes with entrepreneurship, fears of both success and failure, and confidence from time to time. But, at the same time I want to fight, I want to press on, I want to realize the success I’ve envisioned and I refuse to give up until I get there. Then, after I get there, I want to better my personal best. And I know the biggest deterrent in reaching my goals is none other than myself.

You have to have a mind transformation

People argue about whether or not positive psychology is complete bologna, or if positive thinking advice is best suited for the constant struggles of everyday life.  Based on the fact that this disciple has been used for years, long before they gave it a name, (read any religious book or even war story-the elements are present) I have also personally seen better days despite my circumstances, I gonna have to say yes, it works.  Since people are still advocating for it, still speaking about it, coming up with vision board classes, consistently posting motivational quotes on social media and pictures because they make people feel good, (something that gets more Facebook likes and Twitter retweets than “life sucks then you die” posts btw) again,  I would say, it works. A phrase I used to hear a lot in my previous field of work was, “trust the process the process works” the question then becomes, How bad do you want it? Will you dodge boulders plunging towards you on your climb up what seems like the Mt. Everest of success mountain? Will you give up that cup of Starbucks so you can finally start that emergency savings fund? Will you finally stop complaining about your job, your sour relationship, your hard-headed kids, your feeling of being stuck and be the change you desire to see?

What are you willing to do to achieve your goals, vision, success story, and How bad do you want it?


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