Ever wonder why some people seem to have all of the luck in this world? Originally, my thought was all these people were already rich, and once again the rich keep getting richer and a humble beginnings person like myself well…we didn’t stand a chance!But then, reporters scour the web everyday in search of a story that rings out a tone of hope and truth. And there they are! A new discovery, their diamonds in the rough.

It’s like one day someone is starving artist, and the next they’re an “overnight” success. But really, they’re not overnight successes. These people have worked through rejection, epic failures of mixed proportions, societal pressure to conform, and a self-depreciating inner- arch nemesis. But so does every aspiring major news success story.

So what makes them shine? What is it about them that it seems they were hand-picked by lady luck herself? I’m still trying to figure out this one myself, but something tells me that being in the right place at the right time is a part of it. Something also tells me a lot of false starts coupled with tons of dust yourself off and try agains is a part of it too. Ultimately, many psychology experts, as well as those who’ve “made it” all agree on one thing, and that it’s all about mindset. It is because they unequivocally and irrevocably believed they would be successful. (Yeah, I totally borrowed that line from a movie).  They were marching right along to cheesy 80’s music and screaming, “What are we waiting for…this is a do or die situation….We’ll be Invincible” (Ok I actually really like that song).

So how do we create our own luck if it’s all in our minds?  

Well I believe we have to change our habits. And to do that you need to follow basic principles. They include:

  • Taking advantage of random opportunity (A former spiritual mentor called it “Maximizing Sovereign Opportunity”)  Some of the best ways to stumble upon these opportunities is through networking, and being open to trying new things. Some people are still on the fence about social media. I’ve met some of the top business professionals in the world because of blogging (something I randomly chose to do one fine day) and now I have access to invaluable resources that I believe will help take my business and life to the next level.
  • Expect Good Things One of my favorite gospel song lyrics says “I Expect a Miracle Everyday…” followed by “Just Believe and Receive it…”  another says “ I Believe it. I Receive it. I Claim it. It’s Mine!” The wonderful thing about mercy and favor is that they are extended to those who don’t necessarily “deserve” it. So we can still expect good things even when we don’t feel we are worthy of it or in our cards.
  • Be An Optimist…yes even when it’s raining (and you know when it rains it pours). My good friend took a chance and went for a job interview in hopes of changing their career path. The new company was not a great pick. Instead of looking at how horrible the economy was and getting down in the dumps about the likelihood of finding a job, my friend kept it moving, stayed networking and landed a better job with a better known company and more flexibility within a month. And don’t worry if you are the glass is half empty type: thinking positive is something you can train your mind to do. Prime example: Asummermoon (moi) reformed negative Nellie committee chair currently embracing her role as “the light seeker”.

I honestly believe that these basic principles can create not only a healthy outlook on life but a “lucky” life too.


Flickr Credit: kaythaney

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