I’ve decided to do some more consistent things here with my blog Reflections Of A Summer Moon. Being that this is a personal blog, I fully embraced the idea of posting whatever I felt, whenever I felt; the only thing I did commit to in my 1st year of blogging was to do it once a week.  But, I think it’s time to actually know what topics… ok,  at least the categories I’m posting in, that way I know what I need to research, and develop as I go along. Regardless of anybody’s best days to post stats, I still want blogging here to be on a “relaxed” schedule that works for me without overwhelming myself so I intend to continue posting on Sundays for the most part, and posting once a week .

When do I plan to make these changes?

Glad you asked!  I’ve heard that 7 is a number that symbolizes completion. Therefore, 8 is a number that symbolizes new beginnings (It’s also my birth month, go figure). Well, I’m going to listen to my own advice and start now what I planned to begin in January and I’ll do what I do best, make adjustments along the way. I’ll begin my new posting schedule next month starting the 1st Sunday in August. I realize people are on vacation in the summer but I’m going to go forward anyway just to get into the habit (pray for me ya’ll). Most people do different topics on different days of the week. Well, I plan on posting in 3 main categories different Sundays of the month. Ex. 1st Sunday is a post in Personal Development 2nd Sunday is a post in Entrepreneurship etc. and I’ll post in my other categories if there happens to be a 5th Sunday. Holidays that fall on Sunday will be my exception. I’m also contemplating opening up my blog to guest bloggers who have a much better perspective (and knowledge base) on topics that are geared towards personal development/lifestyle design, professional development, and entrepreneurship so I’ll keep you posted on that one.

 Change is happening all around

Not only do I plan to work on this blog I’m even making small changes over on my marketing business blog but you’ll have to check there to find out.  Besides blogs, I’m also making some lifestyle changes. I’m moving (again) it’s seriously becoming an inside joke among my friends. This time, I believe I’m going to settle for awhile (so I can save and get out of debt) and embrace the season I’m currently in. I’ll do my best to be content but not complacent and work diligently on my next steps. With that being said, I’m taking a little break for the rest of this month well, sorta. I’ll be doing shameless self-promotion “link love” posts to get you familiar with my main 3 categories (this is also a way for me to finally play around with my google analytics I set up on this blog as I’m looking for posts with most views or most comments).

If for some reason I don’t post once a week. It may be because of 1 of 3 reasons: technical difficulties, I’m overwhelmed with life and may need a bit of encouragement myself so feel free message me (no shame in my game), or I’m overwhelmed with business and in need some talented people to partner with my company to get the job done, in which case contact me over there. Okay, that’s all.

Until Next Time…


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