Why is it so easy for us to doubt, when time has proven over and over again that seemingly impossible things happen everyday?

And if impossible things are happening everyday, then why is it so hard for us to believe in something so very possible as realizing our dreams?

Let’s Start with the (Wo)Man in the mirror. No, look harder. Do you like what you see? Do you wish you could see something else, be someone else? Do you know that until you look at that person and believe in the person that reflects back to you, it’s going to be very hard to convince others to see more than what meets the natural eye. Oh sure, people who see your potential can show up, but if you aren’t ready, you will let whatever opportunity they present to pass you by.  Before you get envious of others because they are seeing results you don’t feel they deserve, before you cast the stone of judgment upon someone who isn’t living up to your standards, before you claim victim of circumstance, friends, family, or enemies, before you say that the devil made you do it; take a long hard look at yourself- change starts within.

Not until you accept who you are right here right now, can you identify the “things” that are holding you back from walking in the authority and right to the freedom of living life out loud, on your terms, based on the picture of success you’ve defined and refined for yourself. How do you identify those “things” that hinder you? Start with all of your excuses as to why you think you will fail or what you believe is holding you back. It’s easier to fight an enemy when you can measure him up, at least you have an idea what you’re up against so you can know how to prepare for battle.

Now, that you’ve identified the enemy and all the enemies you’ve faced before, it’s time to remember. It’s time to remember the things that used to hinder you, but don’t anymore, remember the people who used to bother you, but you’re no longer concerned about, remember the times you thought you would fail but somehow you succeeded. Now take those good memories from the past and apply whatever you excelled at to your present.  We always seem to focus on weak areas and ask what we can fix about ourselves instead of simply training what comes naturally to us so we can go from good to better from better to our personal best.

Finally, surround yourself with people who will encourage and uplift you. You will find more of these people the more confident you get about who you are and what you stand for.  Beware of the naysayers and fill your empty space with positivity, inspiration, and whatever else keeps you persevering. Anyone or anything else does not and will not matter.

Sometimes it seems accomplishing success is like moving mountains. It seems impossible to get to the other side. But, it is possible; we ourselves have to first believe.


Flickr Credit: blueoxen

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