I’m going to start this by saying; I am not a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or any kind of mental doctor or practitioner. I decided to post different blogs under the category of mindset transformation simply because everything I’ve done, every decision I’ve made, every step that I’ve taken to my knowledge and understanding has begun with a mental shift. This particular category is me embracing my long-term love affair with social science namely, (and most recently) positive psychology. These particular posts may not even be a full written blog; it may just be a picture, or *insert something that isn’t a standard written blog post* that has elements of what I feel are stepping stones in the ongoing process of mindset transformation, and these elements will be or have already been applied by experiment 626 …er I mean moi (Yeah, I make a lot of cartoon references- what can I say).

Why I’m choosing to explore and blog about mindset transformation?

Psychology, philosophy, sociology…and all that jazz, has always fascinated me, (social science in general peeks my interests) and so during my college years, I took coursework surrounding a simple yet complicated question: Why do we as humans do what we do?  I took that question decided it wasn’t as important as helping people get to their next step in life for the here and now, and had the intention of becoming a guidance counselor. As fate would have it, I wound up in the field of addictions and my curiosity reignited as I wanted to know more about how addictions were formed, and what caused some people to really fall down to the bottom of the barrel with one particular addiction versus someone else. Once I came to the conclusion that quite frankly, it was going to take years of ongoing research to get any clear understanding of additions; I decided to shift my focus on whether or not you can really go from darn near broken (if not broken) to healed, joy, peace of mind, (you get the picture) and maintain it simply because of a mindset shift and ultimately transformation.

 And so, here we are today. I’m interested to see where this discussion can go and the different things we can all learn from one another as we all go through our own mindset transformations, (If we are indeed open to the concept of growth mindset that is.)

I know this was a background kind of post but I thought it important to breakdown my intention for this particular category in my blog series, and honestly speaking, understand why I was interested in blogging about this particular topic in the first place.

So, I’ll leave you with this:

What do you believe Mindset Transformation is about?

Can it really make that much a difference in our lives?


Flickr Credit: dierkschaefer

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