A couple of weeks ago I posted a video that posed a question, What’s Your Unique Super Power? It wasn’t meant to be complicated and yet when I asked that question to a couple of people many responded that they didn’t know. Even when I asked my follow up question, what’s one thing you really like about yourself, again I received I don’t know and even a few nothings. It bothered me so much that I knew that’s where this journey would have to begin.

I believe the 1st step in wanting to be a happier, healthier you is Awareness. Sounds simple enough but it isn’t. Many people who wish for good things to happen or for someone (that chivalrous Knight perhaps) or something to rescue them are so busy trying to survive, that they don’t know how to make the time to invest in their own well-being let alone how to create their own luck.

If I’m working two full-time jobs, raising kids without much support, trying to find love in all of the wrong places and when I do have free time I just want to escape so I turn to reality tv to say to myself “well at least I’m not as jacked up as that crazy chick” it’s very hard to notice something just doesn’t add up. I believe enough awareness will at the very least drive you towards seeking answers or solutions even before you get to the acceptance part of your journey.

Let me explain: I wake up and one day in that brief moment of solitude I look towards the heavens and wonder what the heck am I doing with my life? I have this feeling come up every time I have a moment to myself but because it makes me uncomfortable I quickly scurry about day ignoring that feeling until…sometime happens that gets my attention and I can no longer ignore it, that nagging feeling that something just don’t feel right, and the moment you finally sit down to acknowledge that feeling you can’t help but to remember that you still have to live with your sad harsh reality every day then you realize something else…You feel stuck. So you Google “Get Unstuck” and go from there; all of that from simply being aware.

So, now that you are aware that you couldn’t answer my question, not even the more simple one which asked you to identify one thing you liked about yourself…let’s explore Having a Healthy Relationship With Self and progress from there.

Your assignment if you choose to accept it…grab a mirror and take a good look at yourself. Now, tell yourself that you are beautiful and that you love yourself just the way you are. Just like this, “I am Special. I am Beautiful and I love me some me” Do it when you wake up and/or right before you go to bed for a whole week.  You don’t have to share with anyone that you are doing this but if you want to leave a comment if you tried it. How did doing this little exercise make you feel?  If saying a bunch of negative things and looking at life from the bottom of the barrel has gotten you to feeling hopeless and stuck…why not try speaking life into your situation starting with becoming alive from within?


Until Next Time…

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