Hey you guys and gals! I’ve decided to take a Blogcation for the month of December, and I’ll return in January (more than likely with a new format and direction). When I return I’ll be sharing with you all my “Year In Review 2012” plus thoughts on goal setting techniques I’ve been learning about and putting into practice and other goodies too (like my Black History Now series-exclusive interviews with local Black Entrepreneurs).

I’ll still be active over on my business blog, so if you’re looking for updates and tips on social media marketing, as well as other marketing best practices-join me over there!

If you enjoy hearing my thoughts I hang out on Facebook my platform of choice (despite their constant changes). and so I welcome you to connect with me there! Seriously, Let’s network!

If you’re new to my site or wanting to catch up on my publications, I suggest checking out my posts on Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, and for a boost of positivity and motivation Inspirations and Affirmations.

For my story so far check out my Personal posts. Just to be clear, you will never hear me say that I’m perfect and I have never claimed to be a “Miss Goody Two-Shoes” so my personal posts reflect my growing pains where I’ve come from and my hopes for where I desire to be. Enjoy! Happy Holidays to you and yours, and I hope to see you all back in January!

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