“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!” –Maya Angelou


If nothing else seemed to stick with me these past few weeks of March, this quote has remained at the core of my thoughts and the drive behind my most recent efforts.

You see, this Women’s History Month I feel very compelled to take my own advice and Act Despite Fear. I mean, How could I be so afraid to step out of my comfort zone,  and release the Unique Super Power I’m meant to share with the universe? So many before me, like the women suffragists who took far greater risks to bring us rights we sometimes take for granted have paved the way, why wouldn’t I want to take their lead?

And so, keeping that in mind, my asking for support when I was feeling stuck, didn’t seem to make me feel embarrassed this time around; asking my friends and followers to consider my written testimony, which presents the case for ‘believing that you can truly climb up from a place of brokenness to having hope and walking in purpose’, a most inspiring blog for women. (Contest is over but their pin boards are awesomesauce…Thanks for all the votes! You all Rock!)  I can boldly ask for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T  when I feel my kindness is being mistaken for weakness, or proudly proclaim that because I asked,  I now get to co-host an Award-Winning networking event exclusively for women, and sit on a panel with some Amazing Game Changers in their respective industries, (You should totally come out and join me there!)

But I said all this to say, Don’t Be so full of pride to humble yourself and  Ask For Help. Don’t Assume that people are mind readers and feel it not worth it to ask your companion for some gloves when you realize he was never going to notice you complaining about your hands being cold all the time 😉 and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For the Sale!

And if you ever needed a sign…

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