Picture property of L. Davis

Picture property of L. Davis

Earlier this year I discovered that the number 13 means Transition and Rebellion, I thought it funny that the theme of year (as chosen by my pastors) was Transformation so I couldn’t help but think to myself, well isn’t this ironic.

My word for the year is Confidence which I’ve begun to see that in order to build this confidence I was required to transform my thinking so that I could ready myself for transition into a new phase in life and business. In a sense I’m rebelling against myself; I’m challenging my fears, my resistance, and all of the negative stigmas I’ve set up to keep myself from being the very best me I could I be.

And in my rebellion I’ve become freer, fiercer, and more determined, which inadvertently meant rebelling against the terms of success others were still trying to define for me, because my big picture that I could see so clearly didn’t line up with their comfortable.

And so, let me share this bit of wisdom I received since the last time I posted….

Your Vision is Your Own

The world didn’t give it to you, so don’t let the world take it away, (Whatever that world may be for you).

I like what CEO Mama Tamyka shared the other day, “I have no time for dream snatchers or limited thinkers clouding my atmosphere!”as we talked about how deal with folks who didn’t want to understand nor respect those of us who are self-employed.  And to that I say, Right on!

Everyone will not understand your journey.  Everyone will not accept the boundaries you establish especially as you discipline yourself to establish them. Everyone will not be comfortable with you embracing your discovery of your true self. Heck you might even be called crazy or weird or strange.

But I encourage you to press on. And I won’t be unrealistic and say keep dreaming when your lights are being shut off, you handle your handle but you don’t quit on yourself.

I love this quote by Michael Jordan:

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

It’s real talk, as well a very motivating for the rebel that still resides inside you.

Until Next Time….

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