Excuse me, Can I get through?

Excuse me, Can I get through?

I think I know why it’s so dang on hard to: dream, believe in those dreams, and then set a foundation under those dreams so you can see vision, create a mission, and finally, accomplish goals…Life happens!

One moment you think you’re going to be a famous actor when you grow up, then you realize that it’s pretty hard to get your big break, and busting tables for the rest of your life until that happens isn’t a sweet deal. Or one day, you’re going to travel the world, and see lots of weird but very cool people and eat exotic foods that might send you running for the hills later, only to wake up to the sound of loud wails, one belonging to your oh not so cute new born, the other to that blasted husband who gave you that oh not so cute child…and you shift and play grown up and forget about those dreams.

But, isn’t it amazing, that we admire those who “make it” despite their circumstances and never think twice about the fact that that could be us, if we want it.

We tend to forget that there is a rebel lurking inside of us and that there are more every day heroes (in their own right) than we realize. I’d never thought about it then, but now I realize just how courageous that 50 something was in one of my sociology classes (Can’t remember which one, but the professor was pretty cool himself). After having children, and grand children she was determined to get her college degree, and I remember on graduation day there she was her family proudly surrounding her…their mommy did it, she got her degree. To me, that was amazing and I thought about all the amazing things I wanted to do and how I could create my own creative yet personal form of accountability to make it happen.

Last weekend, I attended my very 1st Vision Board workshop co-hosted by Dr. Angela of Women’s Empowerment Group International and Rhonda of Positive with Purpose; I realized again, just how amazingly resilient we can be. Because although we simply start with a dream, only to find that everything, and I mean everything in life gets interrupted, we are still very capable of getting back on track, revisiting ideas we thought were crumbled up and burned in the trash, and seeing to it that we do indeed realize that vision, cross off those items on our life/bucket lists, and proudly stand before whoever wants to celebrate our courage and determination… if we really want it.

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