Photo property of Lynette Davis

Photo property of Lynette Davis

So, as I mentioned in the last post, (yeah, had a hiccup with the site so I’ll be working to get those lost blog posts back guys) I would be starting a blog series called “Be The Change” This is my way of spreading the love, as well as (hopefully) inspiring my fellow entrepreneurs to up their game in the spirit of giving to the greater good, to work with deeper meaning, to not be shy about proudly announcing on #FundraisingFriday how super excited you are that you donated *insert money/time* to *insert awesome nonprofit or cause*

You get the picture?

So, over the past couple of weekends Art has really been a part of my life. From going to my very first Vision Board workshop and really seeing my vision come to life on paper, to attending my gal pal’s very first Art show, to using Art as a bridge of communication so a little girl would feel more comfortable about telling her story to me, so that we could work on getting her mentally healthy and happy.

I felt so entranced by the power and influence of the Arts to the human soul that I’ve decided to highlight the work of a young woman who goes by the name of Malika Whitley, who founded a nonprofit called ChopArt.

At ChopArt, they “work on-site with homeless shelters, primarily, offering a three module art course, mentor-ship and impact assessment. [they] also take the students on field trips and host an art show celebrating their finished art work. To accommodate youth who do not live in long-term housing shelters, [they] offer one day workshops in art media including dance, theater and music.”

Their mission is “To provide empowerment to youth in homeless situations to express themselves creatively and to develop sustainable values through art exploration.”

But that’s only a piece of it all!  So, you’ll want to get all the details from their site.

And just in case you’re wondering about the power of social media for social good… I met Malika via a Twitter chat some time ago and we clicked in 140 characters.  We then agreed to have a chat on the phone and decided to stay in touch. In order for me to keep up with her journey, I occasionally see her Facebook updates when browsing my newsfeed which reminds me to check out her e-zine for their latest news . Don’t you just love social media?

If you’re interested in learning more about supporting ChopArt check out their info by clicking that link, (last I checked they were headed over to visit India)! How cool is that?


Until Next Time…

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