Hi everyone! So, the old posts from July, (and the 1 from August) are back up on the site after that technical hiccup! Thank goodness most of the blog was backed up, which I do manually by exporting files and all that ‘geek talk’ jazz…now my site is also scheduled for regular backups using a simple back up pluggin (which I’m not linking because I’m in the process of using a different one since there’s no support on my current pluggin anymore.)

But…If you are looking for something more robust, and highly recommended for backing up your site (and you have the money) I suggest checking out Backup Buddy It is a premium pluggin, but I’ve heard it’s well worth the investment. Honestly, I’m just glad I draft my blog posts in Word before I publish them online so I was able to recover everything.

I apologize if you received notifications as I republished the posts. While I tried to keep the content the same as it appeared originally, what I write in Word is not always the finished post you see when I hit the publish button.

I should have a new blog post up on Wednesday!

Thank you so much for your patience 🙂

Until next time…

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