Happy New Year! I’m back from my blogcation and ready to jump right in!

So, I decided to switch up my review format since it’s a full year review rather than a quarter review, and I used the template I found over on the Happy Black Woman site.

Lessons Learned In 2013

What was the most valuable lesson I learned this year?

This past year, I’ve learned to trust in my abilities, to believe that I am enough, and to take everything I experience as another growth opportunity. But, if I had to summarize my most valuable lesson it would have to be this:

“Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them.”  – Josie Bisset

What was the best book, song and/or movie I discovered (or rediscovered) this year?

I’d have to say that Get Clients Now was my best book discovery this year. (Just click the link for the book review I did on it.)

What was the best city, state or country I discovered (or rediscovered) this year?

This year I spent more time in Philadelphia  than I ever have (and I’ve lived right across the bridge pretty much my whole life) and I really loved the city (grateful to come back home to my burb right outside it though) but seriously I love the energy, diversity, and culture of the city. From Dragon Boat races, to cultural festivals at Penn’s Landing, to museum and art gallery visits to firework shows on top of center city rooftops, to delicious cheese steaks and other yummy treats from China Town; I really enjoyed these aspects of Philly.

boatrace   philly


What was the biggest personal milestone I reached this year? (these can be goals you reached in the areas of lifestyle & fun, money & finances, health & wellness, family & friends, love & romance or personal growth & spirituality)

I might sound like a broken record here but seriously, I have to say I am really proud of the progress I made in confidence building department. I’ve always struggled with confidence, and working on building confidence was something deeply implanted in my heart.  So, in my determination to really believe in my awesomesauce, my word for 2013 was Confidence. I did public speaking engagements (I hate public speaking), sang solo in front of random strangers, started mentoring teen girls, met some amazing, (and I mean amazing) women business leaders and most importantly I stood my ground and stayed focused on my path.

There were no apologies for staying true to the woman I am growing to love more and more every time I look at her in the mirror. There was also no going back on my desire to be location-independent business owner who provides a darn good service to other location-independent business owners. This was very special part of my confidence milestone to me because it felt like everyone who I wanted so desperately to support me had decided my journey to success wasn’t fast enough for them and in their own way had written me off. A huge part of confidence building is being decisive and comfortable enough in your own skin to know what is right for you regardless of what anyone else think or feels is best for you. I mean, who knows you better than yourself?

Melinda Emerson Smallbiz Lady

Melinda Emerson aka Smallbiz Lady

Andrea Vahl

Andrea Vahl aka Grandma Mary









fusion tour

Women Are Gamechangers Fusion Tour Philadelphia

Darnyelle Jervey

Darnyelle Jervey









What professional accomplishments (at work or in my business) am I most proud of this year?

I was very proud of the progress I’ve made this past year with A & D Media.  I like how it’s transforming yet remaining committed to what I intended it to be despite pressures to go places with it I didn’t desire. I was very excited when one of the leading south jersey magazines  reached out to me for an interview on social media as it related to my fellow south jersey business owners, (I’m in the March 2013 issue). What an honor to have my 2 cents written on the same page along side men and women marketers from very well-known and respected companies.

But you know, I’d have to say the greatest accomplishment and biggest compliment I received this year was repeat business from my awesome clients. What an honor!

Looking forward towards 2014


What do I deserve more of in 2014? 

There’s a lot I could say for this one so I’ll keep it cutesy this time around and say I deserve more trips to a Massage Therapist, (why not).

What 3 personal milestones do I most want to reach in the coming year? (these can be goals in the areas of lifestyle & fun, money & finances, health & wellness, family & friends, love & romance or personal growth & spirituality)

  1. Move to New apartment in a New town
  2. Self-Publish my 1st book which is a collection of poetry
  3. Trip to Kenya with my partner in Heartwork (more to come on this one)

What 3 professional accomplishments do I most want to see for myself next year? (these can be goals in the area of career & work for my job and/or business)

  1. Grow my team by partnering with 2-3 more highly-skilled virtual assistants (Which means I’ll have to have plenty of work to give them.)
  2. Accomplish my income goals for the year
  3. Create my 1st opt-in offer so I can grow my email list

What do I want to learn in 2014?

Again, I could go on and on with this so I’ll choose one thing: How to make sweet potato bread. (Ooh so good!)

What do I want to cross off of my “bucket list” in 2014?

Volunteer trip to Africa is the big one this year

Finally, My Theme for 2014

My word for 2014 is Purpose.  Now that I’ve finally created my very 1st vision board,  my path is so much clearer, (and it scares the crap out of me). So, this year is about truly walking in purpose, on purpose, and with purpose. And my theme is Choose To Dance (You know, because if I get the choice to sit it out or dance, I’m going to dance).

Enough about me! Tell me my friend, what have you been up to and where are you headed in 2014?


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