certain habitsWhen reflecting on the words “inner-superheroine” I couldn’t help but want to explain that by no mean did I imply perfection. I didn’t want to set myself, or anyone else striving to activate this side of themselves up for believing that in the daring act to be “super” they neglect their side that says ‘I’m human too’. So, what was my intention surrounding my new tagline/ blog mission statement? Well, knowing me tons of things, but simply put, it’s about showing up to life as my best self and encouraging you to do the same. (My reasoning behind it can be summed in that famous Marianne Williamson quote.)

I’ve blogged many times my firm belief that this is a process, a life-long process. Why? Because we are constantly evolving and adapting, adapting for survival, and if we’re up for it striving to thrive. It’s a process to learn oneself, to love oneself, to discover your special awesomesauce, etc. etc.

Throughout this process, there will be (at least) listening moments, doing moments, and teaching moments. I’m going to focus on the doing for the sake of a short and sweet blog post….When it comes to the act of ‘doing’, your actions become integrated once they’ve become habits. We learn to chuck habits that keep us from our own personal evolutions, and we learn to develop new habits that we tweak with time. Therefore, I believe that habits play a big role in your ability to show up as your best self. So, we can start with 2 questions…

1) What habits are keeping me from showing up as my best self?

2) What new habits can I create to show up as my best self?

Here’s my own personal example.. I wasn’t exactly sure what my best self actually looked like, only I knew I had potential and didn’t feel like I was anywhere near what that potential looked like. I felt what held me back was that I was self-sabotaging with the same destructive behaviors and patterns of thinking, but I couldn’t pin point anything because I stayed in my head and forgot about myself the moment life hit. So my negative habit was jumping out of bed and rushing to school (when I was a student), work or rushing to do everything for everyone else in general so much so, that I never took time to look inside myself so that I could find my own truth.

I tend to forget things as quickly as I think of them so I decided I needed a way to recollect and began recording my thoughts, dreams, wants, desires, and deepest questions… by way of journaling. My daily journaling became my must do activity. Not only did it force me to pause so that I could reflect, and learn from my patterns and behaviors, (because writing them down gave me a reference point) but it helped develop habits of a daily writing practice, daily self-love time, daily waking up early enoughs so I could have that self-love time, daily gratitude…you get the picture.

The 1st step to change, to activation of any kind, (in my humble opinion) is awareness, so these questions are all about identifying habits. Changing habits once identified? Another topic for another day 😉

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